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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tea Museum in Norden

a fire place from 12th century

I collect tea sets it's one of my hobbies, i don't know why but i just simply fascinated by them. In Norden, Ostfriesland we visited a tea museum and it's my first time to see one. Norden is the oldest city in Ostfriesland, became a city on 13th century, with about 27 thousand population.

the sea lion babies in Norddeich

After visiting "Seehundstation" in Norddeich, where they keep all the sea lion babies without mothers, and then let them free in the ocean when they think they are strong enough and ready to be alone, we went to the tea museum in Norden.

exhibition of traditional Japanese tea ceremony

the store

the tea maker house

collections of tea sets from all over the world

the tea room

me, having traditional Ostfriesland tea inside the museum

as usual that day the weather didn't change it was even colder and stormy so good idea to visit the museum and the sea lion center, and here at home it's more or less the same, so got to go guys.... it time for "Schietwettertee" ;) in English: " shit weather tea ".


  1.'re a tea enthusiast! :)

    I just love drinking tea.

  2. Your writing makes me thinking that the sea lions have something to do with tea. Do they drink tea?

  3. I thought that the fireplace's name was flip-flops and backpack, LOL.

  4. haha, at first, I thought why the sea lions are in the tea musems Car, then, i read your description below, that is good they try to nourish the poor pups abandoned by their moms and free them to the ocean when they are strong enough, a nice stop-over before going to the Tea Museum, i love tea too car, but I love it with milk :)

  5. wow that is a lot of things just on tea :).

    Very nice and thank you for sharing all this ^_^. The sea lions huh? I thought it was baby bellugas :P. (or i think it is spelt that way)

  6. Mei > yes i am Mei! how did you know? Lol! ;) same here i love tea

    rainfield > ha!ha!ha! you and your humor rain! Lol! ;) sea lions don't drink tea it's too hot for them hehehe ;)

    Pacey > ha!ha! ;) that will be great Pacey, flip-flops and backpack from 12th, then by now my blog is already a legend! Lol! ;)

    Bethchai > thanks Bethchai you read hehe *winks* ;) before i didn't like tea with milk but after trying Ostfriesland tea i think i will start drinking tea now with milk :)

    ladyviral > it's my first time to see a tea museum and i am myself was surprise with all these! i am not sure if they are also called bellugas ;)

  7. Hello salamat sa visit and comment...

    happy blogging...

  8. Khim > salamat din sa visit ;) and you are much wellcome here ;) just drop by anytime