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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

no white Christmas this time

I know i am complaining sometimes about the cold weather here but still, when it's Christmas people are also dreaming including me, (not all ) of a white Christmas. News said there'll be snow coming this week but for sure it will be only in the higher part of Northern Germany like in Bad Harzburg.

Marienteichbaude- Harz National Park. It was the first time we went there when there's more than one meter high of snow. It was so hard to find a parking because of so many tourists and people from here are there to ski or just walking around the national park.

These photos are taken there this year, around January. With or without snow i know we will have a joyous Christmas :)


  1. It must be fun to play hide and seek in the park.

    Let's hide yourself inside the snow.

  2. Lovely photos girlash. Damang dama ko ang lamig. Wish ko lang makakita ako ng real snow na tulad nyan.

    Been to Ski Dubai with man made snow at super cold na, ano pa kaya sa lugar na ganyan.

    Happy holidays!

  3. hi maricar!
    so happy you could drop by my blog. ^0^
    i love your fotos! reminds me of my trip way back yrs. ago when my family went to Fresno.
    It was the best snow experience i ever had.

    Anyways, are you in germany right now? ^0^
    I hope you and your family are having the best x'mas time ever!

  4. i was wrong guys it's snowing now here :)

    rainfield > that would be fun rain Lol! hehe ;) i don't play that game rain now ;)

    Misalyn > ay sinabi mo pa girlash ang lamig! brrr! pero ok lang medyo sanay na :) kala ko walang white christmas then after kong mai post to nag snow! ;) i saw that ski dubai in tv amazing Dubai has everything

    Happy Holidays to you too Misalyn :)

    Arabesque > yes i am here in Wolfenbüttel, a small city in the state of Niedersachsen, my family are in Philippines, i have an Aunt here living in Hamburg,

    happy holidays to you, kamusta ang Pasko dyan i'm sure masaya :)

  5. Ayie thank you! :) Happy holidays to you and your Family and Happy New Year!