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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Torre Pendente di Pisa

Pisa, Toscana - The Leaning Tower- as we enter the old gate of the complex, there we saw the world's famous Leaning Tower the Pisa bell tower, it is beautiful made of white marble, it continues to lean by an average of 1 mm a year and the Italians don't want to do anything to make it straight for there will be a great mistake if they do. Unfortunately, the tower is closed since 1990 for the tourists so we are just content taking photos of it outside.

Baptesterium - a very unique round structure, made of white marble said to be built from 1153 and finally completed in the 14th century.

Duomo - or Pisa Cathedral built in 1064, it is made of black and white marble and some dark green and cream marble, facing the leaning tower, the door is made of bronze but originally it has wooden door but destroyed in fire in 1596.

did i need to say i enjoyed posing with the Pisa Tower? ;)

have you heard about "ancient skyscrapers"? if you are interested visit just search for the category travelogue, thank you so much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Naples - 23.05.2007 after staying one night somewhere around San Marino, we drove to Pompeii about 250 kilometers driving to cross- over to the western coast of Italy. In the camping we met a nice German couple who told us about Pompeii, they say it's a must see place in Italy, and they are right. Pompeii is really an interesting place to visit.

Pompeii - or Pompei was buried when the volcano "Vesuvio" errupted in 79 A.D. This volcano is they say the most active and the most dangerous volcano in Europe. You can see on the photos the ancient Amphitheater, the bakery, house of the small fountain, the ancient road, and some victims of the Vesuvio erruption. It is amazing and fascinating to see all these from 2000 years.

if you want to know more about Pompeii please visit wikipedia

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Great Waves" of Skagen

Denmark's Northcape - " Kattegat meets Skagerrak " means Baltic sea meets North sea.

i posted about the sand dunes in Skagen before a few months ago, and i said i will post about the city, but let me share to you first the "Great Waves" of Skagen or Denmark ;)

have you ever been to a Northcape? i did! at the very high up in the North of Denmark at the very end of Skagen we went there to see this "Great Waves". I know it's not like the northernmost point of Europe, the North Cape 71° 10' 21'' N, our friends from Köln with his 13 year old daughter and his wife from Sweden went there and some friends, they just sent us a post card from there, they made it. That would be easy for us to go there because Sweden is not so far from Norway ;)

ok back to Skagen, it was so cold that day, windy but we are lucky the sun shines and the sky is clear, the water is so cold with the temperature of 10°C and not good for swimming of course, and it's also not good for swimmers because of the dangerous current of the waves, on our way back to the parking lot we saw this cute little yellow bird ;)

maybe someday... i will see the North Cape... someday... ;)
*the photo of me with the church is also part of our trip there, they call it "tilsandede kirke" or church buried in the sand thousands of years ago, it reminds me of the church tower in Bicol, Philippines.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Malbork Castle (Marienburg)

Marienburg - or the Malbork Castle in Poland is the high light of our travel in the country. It was named after the Saint or Patron, "St. Mary" that's why it is also called "Mary's Castle". Considered the most largest or biggest brick castle in the world, and one of the world's heritage.

As much as i adore "Fachwerkhäuser" or the traditional half-timbered houses here in DE, i find the red brick houses of Holland and in Poland fascinating and unique. And i never thought that i will see the most largest brick castle in the world... Malbork Brick Castle.

It took hours of walking inside and around the castle, there are museums inside but we are not allowed to take pictures, so most of the photos i posted here are taken outside.

if you want more informations about the castle please visit wikipedia

Monday, January 18, 2010

Emden and Leer ( last part of our trip in Ostfriesland )

this is the bell tower (church) of Suurhusen

Emden - not far away from Greetsiel has about 51,000 population and is the economy and culture center of the region. The high light of our trip there was the church tower of Suurhusen just around Emden, it breaks the record of the Pisa tower ( see picture of the certificate from Guiness)

Leer - from 850 was known "LARE" with about 33,000 population is a beautiful city with fascinating houses from 17th to 18th century. Except for the last two photos from Suurhusen, all the pictures are taken in Leer.

Our trip to Ostfriesland was, i can say unique! :) " Danke schön Ostfriesland für die wunderschöne Reise! " :)

please visit for our Greetsiel trip, thank you.