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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a thank you post

moin moin! :) yes! i'm back! ;) mann! oh mann! i miss blogging so much... my apologize everyone. Anyway, this is just a quick post to say Thank You! for all our followers and friends in the blogosphere who's always visiting us and supporting us in Salitype Society. Thank You from our heart... and may God Bless your kind hearts... and i would also like to th
ank everyone who's always visiting my site flip - flops and backpack. Michael and me we'll be wandering again this weekend in Harz ( depends on the weather), so watch out for that at TSS! have a wonderful day to all! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

" Zinnerne Hochzeitstag" celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary


moin moin everyone!

sorry for the long silence, missing the blogosphere so much! but here i am back in the circle but this is just a short post, dedicated to my family and friends who greeted us on our 6th year wedding anniversary :) Thank you so much from our hearts... and to my TSS Sisters especially thank you guys! :) for being there with us for the last six years :) you ladies are the best! :)

Michael and me are nature lovers, for the past two years we had been not so lucky with the weather in November., but this year we are having until now good weather :) this year, Michael and me went to Rheinhardswald in Northern Hessen.

We really had a wonderful time wandering in the nature, Rheinhardswald or Urwald Sababurg is known to be " Märchenland" or fairy tale land :) no doubt about it! :) being in the forest of Urwald Sababurg is enchanting! :) we wander and wander until our bones and feet and back aches :) you can really be lost in this jungle :)

we also visited Höxter and Einbeck, beautiful cities! with magnificent timbered houses. Then coming back home to Wolfenbüttel, we are welcomed by thick foggy roads, and cold! but we said it's ok, we had enjoyed our stay in Rheinhardswald ( weekend get away) celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary :)

again, thank you everyone for the warm greetings! :) and please watch out for my entry in our trip to Paris :) and the continuation of our travel adventure in Turkey, ( i will post in the salitype society) thank you and God Bless us all...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

just here... at home...

moin moin everyone! :)

it's summer again! it's been quite a long time since the last time i blogged here in my flip - flops and backpack, after travelling to Turkey and some places in Europe like Austria, France and Switzerland, Michael and me decided to stay at home this summer, and enjoy the season together with my in laws :) but in September we'll be travelling again, where? we don't know yet.

here are some of my summer photos at home in our " klein aber fein" ( small but fine) balkon :) hope you guys are enjoying the season too :) let's enjoy summer while it's here! :)

" A Life without Love... is like a year without summer....." Swedish Proverb.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

flip - flops and backpack goes to Turkey!

moin moin everyone!

so sorry for my long silence.. been missing so much the blogosphere! would like to thank you all my fellow bloggers for your time visiting flip - flops and backpack and our site The Salitype Society :)

i will just make this short, Michael my husband and me are travelling again and this time to Turkey, so excited! ;) happy easter everyone! and goodbye again for a while! :) see you in May! muah!

watch out Turkey! here
comes flip - flops and backpack! :)