stories and photos of a simple Filipina who found her second home, Wolfenbüttel, DE

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Philippines: Camiguin Island

" Camiguin Island, the island of your imagination"....

natural cold spring

of course, eating in a banana leaves with the family was great! :)

there's no other sun set like in Philippines ;)

"Badjao" are people living in a small fishing boats, taken in Cagayan de Oro

leaving the island, goodbye! see you again!

White Island is one of the high lights in Camiguin, it is a paradise for divers

Two months holiday in my homeland is finished, i'm back now here in Wolfenbüttel, my second homeland :) to be with my family both in Cavite and Camiguin was wonderful, " there's no place like home" as they say. My eldest son Romar is now graduate in college in Computer Science, he made us all so proud and happy specially me and Michael :) again to my son Romar, Congratulations! :)

I grew-up in Niog, Bacoor, Cavite, just a few kilometers away from Manila. But unfortunately, i didn't had a chance and time to explore my hometown, and we are far away from everything like beaches and nature, so no pics from there. Anyway, i had some photos from Camiguin Island our second home in Philippines. I only lived there for 1 year but fall in love in this small island as i fisrt saw it. I'm proud to say in this small but beautiful island is where my children and nieces grew up.

In our group in Salitype Society, we are doing this "Our Philippines" meme and me as a Filipina is proudly presenting to you Camiguin Island for "Our Philippines".

Please visit for more pictures of Camiguin Island, thank you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Danke Mutti

hallöchen everyone! :)

yes, i'm back :) two months holiday in my homeland, Philippines is over, my life is back to normal again, as a normal housewife and etc.

would like to greet every amazing mommy in the world a belated happy mother's day! :) especially to my nanay vangie and to my mother in -law mutti marga :) you two are the best moms in the world! we love you... thank you for everything....

this red rose is for us all mothers, and welcomeback to me! ;)