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Friday, May 14, 2010

Danke Mutti

hallöchen everyone! :)

yes, i'm back :) two months holiday in my homeland, Philippines is over, my life is back to normal again, as a normal housewife and etc.

would like to greet every amazing mommy in the world a belated happy mother's day! :) especially to my nanay vangie and to my mother in -law mutti marga :) you two are the best moms in the world! we love you... thank you for everything....

this red rose is for us all mothers, and welcomeback to me! ;)


  1. Welcome back girlash! Am sure you enjoyed your vacation.

    Thanks for the greetings. Hmmm..i like the red rose.

  2. welcome back, Car. gosh, that is such a wonderful shot of a rose, very beautiful. excited to see you back here, and soon will be reading your Philippine trip.

  3. Back with a red rose!

    I'll come back with a bundle of red roses if I can have a two months holiday.

  4. @ Misalyn - thanks girlash for the warm welcome! :) yes, i really enjoyed my visit both in Cavite and Camiguin

    @ Bethchai - thank you kimchai! :) i miss you girlash muaah! :) oo nga kaso mas marami yung pics kesa sa istorya *winks* ;)

    @ rainfield - hahaha! like always rain, you made me laugh with your comments! :) thanks my friend! :) it's only one rain, because my husband chose only the best for me! Lol! :)