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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"my bestfriend" and me alone...

my backpack is "my bestfriend" in travelling, this backpack is already more than six years old, and together we had been into many places and of course with my hubby-bi Michael ;) in every country that we went i stitch a flag of the country on my backpack, and hubby says it's like a "trophy" for a traveler like me ;) can you tell which flag is missing?

the Lorbeer (it suppose to be olive leaves) are from Mutti, she always give us this leaves as a beliefs or tradition from the bible that any one who's going or traveling, this leaves will keep the traveler safe on his journey.

this will be my last post for the month, Michael will drive me to Frankfurt on Saturday, i will see you all after two months..... have a wonderful day to everyone and have fun blogging, hope to "see" you all again ;)

er.. sorry guys if my backpack is bit dirty... never washed it for six years hehe ;) and don't ask me where's my flip-flops... i'm wearing it right now ;)

*hugs* to all muaahhh!!!! ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island - a small island in the Northern Mindanao, with four volcanoes (officially, but they say there are seven volcanoes in the island) you can get there through Cagayan de Oro by bus and then take the ferry to Balinguan or Benoni. From Manila you can take the plane like Cebu Pacific or through ships like Super Ferry.

i don't have so much pictures of the high lights of the Island, maybe when i come back from Philippines in May i'll have more photos. This beautiful Island is for us our second home, next to Cavite, my children grew up here living with my mother for more than 15 years, and they speak the local language more or less,

and finally i can eat again with them in the banana leaves ;) no spoons, no knifes just with the hand ;) a traditional way of every Filipinos when the family are all together :)

i'll see this wonderful island again... very soon... can't wait anymore ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the shell house

we only stayed for a while in this city somewhere in Denmark, the city is dead but the shell house is interesting and unique, have you ever seen a house like this?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Freilichtmuseum Klockenhagen

Klockenhagen, Mecklenburg - continuation from our trip in Meck Pom. That was around spring time last year, after visiting Schwerin we went to this open -air museum, it's not the first time that we visited a museum like this, it's interesting because they show how the people live or the way they live on that time.

They have also a restaurant, and they have a traditional sausage made from a wild pig and it's surprisingly tasted good, my first time to eat meat of a wild pig. There are also garden and some old machinery that was used by the farmers in that time, some animals and most that surprised me was the pee pots museum :) my first time to see a piss pots displayed on the wall ( they are clean ) and the wind mill is also still looking good although it was really old.

The traditional farmer's houses are also beautiful, the houses are called Reetdach or thatched roof i find them really wonderful.