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Monday, March 1, 2010

Freilichtmuseum Klockenhagen

Klockenhagen, Mecklenburg - continuation from our trip in Meck Pom. That was around spring time last year, after visiting Schwerin we went to this open -air museum, it's not the first time that we visited a museum like this, it's interesting because they show how the people live or the way they live on that time.

They have also a restaurant, and they have a traditional sausage made from a wild pig and it's surprisingly tasted good, my first time to eat meat of a wild pig. There are also garden and some old machinery that was used by the farmers in that time, some animals and most that surprised me was the pee pots museum :) my first time to see a piss pots displayed on the wall ( they are clean ) and the wind mill is also still looking good although it was really old.

The traditional farmer's houses are also beautiful, the houses are called Reetdach or thatched roof i find them really wonderful.


  1. I seldom visit a museum, but once get inside, I do discover many new understandings from he old things.

  2. History and culture buff that I am, I would absolutely love this museum. It's always interesting to find out how people lived in the past. And such charming architecture! I have to agree with you that the thatched roof is wonderful.

  3. rain > same here rain, but depends on what kind of museum, i like museums that i can discover things and learn from it, hope you are not "hungry" anymore my friend ;)

    Hilda > same here Hilda i love History :) i am sure you'll love this kind of museum it's really interesting, thank you again Hilda :)

  4. The Reetdach are very unique. This place is a huge open historical museum. thanks for sharing.

  5. That old windmill is interesting. I'd like to see one hopefully when I go on a longer trip to the Netherlands.