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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ostfriesland DE 2009

"there's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.."

by: Margareth Elizabeth Sangster

it seems so long ago since the last time i wrote, i'm back guys and this one is for all of you who are so patient to come visit my site and comment, thank you so much everyone... as they say... it's good to be home :)


Friday, November 6, 2009

4 years and counting

flowers from Michael, that's his being romantic and serious ;)

Last Wednesday 04.11.2009 was our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated it just simple in a restaurant in Braunschweig, Block House (Steakhaus). Ambiance is really beautiful and of course the steak was excellent. Now comes hubby's jokes and the surprise we didn't expect.

When we are finished eating and Michael is about to pay the bill, the waitress said thank you and see you again next time, and then hubby answered to the waitress.. "no, see you next year" the waitress asked, "why next year"? then hubby answered her again, "because today is our 4th year wedding anniversary, so we'll come here again next year"! ;) so... there he goes again my husband's 99% shit in the head works again! ;) he's like this teehee ;) the nice waitress laughed and then she said... "wait, don't go yet i have a surprise for both of you". So, we waited and then after a few minutes she goes back holding in a tray two big glasses of Champagne and with a small fireworks... enough scene to get everybody's attention inside the restaurant. I said whoa! what a surprised! We said thank you to her, and the woman sitting next to our table said, "Congratulations"! we said thank you.

this is our view while having our dinner, the Staatstheater in Braunschweig about or more than 100 years old

Prost! Lovely for our 4th year anniversary! Prost! i said. Then out side, as we walk in the street going back to the parking lot, he said.. "lovely... it's a wonderful evening isn't it"? he is saying this holding my hand... and i said.. "yes, it's a wonderful evening, life is wonderful..."

This is the man i married, i travelled with, laughed with, and cried with... oh, and yes! i married also his 99% shit in the head! ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Look! there's "Luchs"!

Sunday again, yesterday we went wandering again in Bad Harzburg. We visited this animal they call it here "Der Luchs" in English, the Lynx lynx. Their temporary home for a while is the small wild park in Harz and they are being prepared to be use to the wild life and then soon to let them be free in the wilderness. We only saw three Luchs that day, maybe there are more but hiding.

Der Luchs eats rabbits, squirrel, wild pig and more. It belong to the group of any four big sized wild cats and one of the they call here "raubtier" or predator. Sorry about the wires of the cage, but hope you'll enjoy the photos.

this is the first Luchs we saw, not sure of it's a female or male

hubby call him/her a good "schauspieler" ;) (actor)

" i won't look" pose ;)

finally, it looked at me ;)

the second one has dark brown spots and much older than the first one, and he didn't like to being photographed, he makes a huge sound like saying "don't take picture of me"! ;)

this is the youngest of the three Luchs, it's fur is more reddish

until now we are still tired from wandering, back, bones, muscles are aching from wandering, but it's worth it going up and down this 600 m high mountain, eating in the restaurant up in the hills of "Rabenklippen" it was really a good Sunday and a good and bit different way of celebrating Halloween :)

Happy Halloween to all and have a wonderful week everyone!