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Monday, November 2, 2009

Look! there's "Luchs"!

Sunday again, yesterday we went wandering again in Bad Harzburg. We visited this animal they call it here "Der Luchs" in English, the Lynx lynx. Their temporary home for a while is the small wild park in Harz and they are being prepared to be use to the wild life and then soon to let them be free in the wilderness. We only saw three Luchs that day, maybe there are more but hiding.

Der Luchs eats rabbits, squirrel, wild pig and more. It belong to the group of any four big sized wild cats and one of the they call here "raubtier" or predator. Sorry about the wires of the cage, but hope you'll enjoy the photos.

this is the first Luchs we saw, not sure of it's a female or male

hubby call him/her a good "schauspieler" ;) (actor)

" i won't look" pose ;)

finally, it looked at me ;)

the second one has dark brown spots and much older than the first one, and he didn't like to being photographed, he makes a huge sound like saying "don't take picture of me"! ;)

this is the youngest of the three Luchs, it's fur is more reddish

until now we are still tired from wandering, back, bones, muscles are aching from wandering, but it's worth it going up and down this 600 m high mountain, eating in the restaurant up in the hills of "Rabenklippen" it was really a good Sunday and a good and bit different way of celebrating Halloween :)

Happy Halloween to all and have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. happy halloween!

    the golden field of trees and bushes looks stunning and that "big big Cat" sure is an actor! haha

  2. oh my goodness! never heard of luch before...they are lovely but yeah looks a little tiger!

    thanks for sharing this, ica girl!


  3. halu KangCarrot! I can feel the ache from your hubby would love to have one Luch he he he...thank you again for taking me there! mwah!

  4. Wow that looks like a lynx tiger..

    I love lynx tigers. :)

    Too bad can't have them as domestic pets.