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Friday, February 26, 2010


Luxembourg - was my first Europe trip outside Germany, it is a small country about 2600 square kilometers but "big" in History in the heart of Western Europe. Aside of being the center of business, international banks, and considered the richest country in Europe it is also rich in nature, that i will post next,
you can see on the photos the following are: St. Michael's cathedral, The town hall of Luxembourg and the monument of the Duke of Luxembourg Wilhelms II.


  1. I have virtually traveled to various places in Europe, but have not stop for any meal.

    I am hungry.

  2. Thanks for sharing again. This is simply amazing.

  3. Thanks for taking us there, can't wait for your next post.

    Have a great weekend sissy.

  4. lovely city-country indeed...

  5. rain > i had posted the "freilichtmuseum" in Klockenhagen, the sausage is waiting there for you ;) Lol! ;)

    Ruthi > thank you girlash :) but this is Luxembourg and not Thailand! ;) Lol! just kidding girlash ;)

    Misalyn > as usual late naman ang reply ko girlash, hope you are feeling fine now, stay safe and healthy, bawal ang magkasakit ;)

    Jana > thank you for dropping by again, yes it is, Luxembourg is a lovely city- country

  6. Nice photos. Are we going to get some photos of the Luxembourg countryside, too?