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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

flip-flops and backpack is coming home

" there's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again "
by: Margareth Elizabeth Sangster

this is just a quick post guys... can't use the computer for a long time i am having problems at my back kind of nerve problems at the lower back, they call here "Hexenschuss" or in English "Lumbago" wrong move then it feels like tearing my back a part! :( my doctor gave me one shot and it's feels better now than the last few days.

Anyway so excited about coming home ;) got my plane ticket and will fly on march 14 ;) it's been more than two years since the last time i am home and there are good reasons... no, wonderful reasons to come home ;)

my eldest son Romar will graduate in College ( Computer Science) and my niece Julie Ann ( Business Management) too, my niece Mary Rose will graduate in High school with First Honorable mention and Janine my niece Julie Ann's daughter will graduate in Kindergarten with Second Honorable mention and not to mention so many awards that she will receive ;)

Congratulations! to my son and my nieces! you made me and Michael so proud :) We are so happy and proud of all of you... I'll see you all soon... :) We love you. Wonderful reasons to come home :)
update: i was chatting with my mother and niece in Camiguin, just want to correct that my niece Janine is the 1st honor and not second :) she bit her classmate in the test with a perfect score! :) woooo!!! wooo!! way to go Janine ;)


  1. Wow, you've been to many great destinations.

    "No Place Like Home"

  2. Congratulations to your son and nieces! Am sorry to hear about your lumbago.Take a rest sissy.

    Sa March 14 ang uwi mo? You must be very excited! Feel ko nga kasi may ticket ka na :) Sa March 10 ang uwi namin girlash....sana magkaroon tayo ng time para magmeet.

  3. Barefoot - still no flip-flops! The beach looks so clean and idyllic.