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Monday, February 22, 2010

Penang Island

Penang Island - 25.11.2006 after a very long 22 hours train trip from Bangkok to Butterworth, finally we reached Penang Island, took the ferry from Butterworth for 10 minutes. Next day we made a trip around the town and some factories, chocolate and tin factories. We also visited the Burmese/ Thai temple. Then straight to Batu - Ferringe beach to have lunch, then after we went to the Snake Temple, watched the show and got scared in this big snake ;) they say it's kind of Anaconda and not to mention the King Cobra.


  1. 25.11.2006, what was I doing by that time?

    Have I met you somewhere?

    (Penang Island is more than that...)

  2. Weren't you scared of the anaconda? It gives me a creep just looking it. Nice experience.

  3. rainfield > don't tell me you are Mr. Jimmy?! ;) just kidding rain ;) yes i know Penang Island is more than that, just give me time rain ;)

    Ruthi > thank you for always visiting me here :) girlash so happy that you join Salitype Society :)

  4. The snake is huge! No huggy snake?

  5. No way that I would go in that room with the snake. Very brave.

  6. You were very Brave to touch the Snake! My mom would die with just the sight of that! Beautiful Penang :D


  7. lady viral > it's bee a while i didn't hear from you, if there is huggy snake i wouldn't even touch it ;) as you can see in my photo ;)

    Filip > thanks for dropping by again, no am not that brave, obviuosly :)

    Steven > thanks for visiting me here again Steven :) no i didn't even touch it, i just wanted to have picture with it when it moved then i was like whoa! :) got scared :)

  8. penang is one tropical sight talaga.
    i would love to visit it sometime...eto, medyo malapit than europe. hehe.^0^
    but, the snake part that i saw on the last two fotos... yikes! ^0^ i don;t think i can go near it even if it were harmless.
    grabe! believe ako sayo! ^0^

  9. I've never visited Malaysia, but have been in the neighbour Thailand and I just love that part of the world!

  10. Arabesque > naku nadaan lang sa pilit hehe ;) gusto ko sanang hipuin yung sawa girlash biglang gumalaw! takot ako ;) i'll pray for that girlash i know someday you'll visit Malaysia, *hugs*

    JM > i love Thailand too ;) but Malaysia is also a nice country.