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Sunday, April 24, 2011

flip - flops and backpack goes to Turkey!

moin moin everyone!

so sorry for my long silence.. been missing so much the blogosphere! would like to thank you all my fellow bloggers for your time visiting flip - flops and backpack and our site The Salitype Society :)

i will just make this short, Michael my husband and me are travelling again and this time to Turkey, so excited! ;) happy easter everyone! and goodbye again for a while! :) see you in May! muah!

watch out Turkey! here
comes flip - flops and backpack! :)


  1. Wow! These flowers give me so much peace on this Easter Sunday! Thank you so much for posting these! Been gone for quite a while and I missed visiting your Blog! More power to you, your flipflops, your backpack and this wonderful blog!

    Mabuhay from the Philippines!

    Steven :)

  2. miss you Car, these are heavenly and beautiful shots Car, hope you and Michael will have a wonderful time at at Turkey. your compositions are stunning!

  3. welcomeback+happy spring+viels spass auf dem urlaub:-)))

  4. Welcome back to world of blogging! and of course, enjoy your trip! Take tons of photos and share it with us. Excited na akong makita kung anong meron sa Turkey.

    As always, your photos are lovely!

  5. hi Car,missing you! Happy Mother's Day, are you still in turkey? Also, I found a draft from a long time ago in our TSS site, on Leaning Towers, it looks good to be published, but wonder if it is okay for you we publish it? many thanks car, can't wait for your trip report. take care.

  6. Merhaba! everyone! :) thank you Steven, Betchai, Jana and sis Misalyn :) for the von boyage :) God Bless you all...

    @ Betchai, you can use any of my photos Betchai if it's for our site The Salitype Society no problemo ;) i saw already our new site and wow! you've done a good job Beth :) thank you for keeping our site going, i just left a message in our "chikahan site" :) miss you Beth and thank you also for the Mother's Day greetings and Belated Happy Mother's Day to you too... *hugs from* KC

  7. hi Car, thanks :) Okay, I will schedule the Leaning Tower to be published then, I really wanted to ask permission from your first :)

    I am so excited to hear your trip report Car, have heard a lot from Chat re:your pictures, excited to have a glimpse. Hope all is well with you, Michael and Mutti Car. love you. hugs, Betchai