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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Malbork Castle (Marienburg)

Marienburg - or the Malbork Castle in Poland is the high light of our travel in the country. It was named after the Saint or Patron, "St. Mary" that's why it is also called "Mary's Castle". Considered the most largest or biggest brick castle in the world, and one of the world's heritage.

As much as i adore "Fachwerkhäuser" or the traditional half-timbered houses here in DE, i find the red brick houses of Holland and in Poland fascinating and unique. And i never thought that i will see the most largest brick castle in the world... Malbork Brick Castle.

It took hours of walking inside and around the castle, there are museums inside but we are not allowed to take pictures, so most of the photos i posted here are taken outside.

if you want more informations about the castle please visit wikipedia


  1. The castle looked serene and peaceful with the view of the lake in the first photo.

  2. They are so beautiful that worth a long walk.

  3. I bet the hours flew by with so much to see. The pics are breathtaking. Thanks so much for the tour.

  4. ah!!! ica girl...they're all postcard materials...pisturesque, girlash!

    the castle is a picture of calmness and tranquility! love it girl, love it!!!

  5. I did not realise the use of red brick was so old. This monster of a castle dates back to the 13th century. Nice photos

  6. What an amazing looking castle! Your photos are fantastic..

  7. Wow! super ganda naman sa lugar na yan sissy. I echo Eng's comment. Kung sa akin yan sissy sure na ipa-frame ko hehehehe.

  8. Car, so nice to see your castle pictures, i love all of them, would love to join you sitting on that grass.

  9. Mei > thank you ;) it's my fave too that's why i put on first ;)

    Filip > thank you for dropping by and yes it's anice castle and unique

    rainfield > thank you rain, you are right it's worth the pain and the long walk

    Judy Sheldon Walker < thanks Judy :) yes so much to see but we only have too little time

    Engtot/Salitype > Engtot!! girlash!! welcome back Eng! :) and i love you girlash na miss kita Engtot, good to hear from you again :) and thanks sa tips about b&w or sepia yaan mo try ko sya sometime ;)

    AB > thanks AB, thanks for the info and you are right it was built from 13th century

    Icy > thank you Icy

    Misalyn > salamat girlash :) sige yaan mo i pe frame na naten *winks* ;)

    Bethchai > thank you girlash :) i would love too Kimchai :) love yah betchai :)