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Monday, January 18, 2010

Emden and Leer ( last part of our trip in Ostfriesland )

this is the bell tower (church) of Suurhusen

Emden - not far away from Greetsiel has about 51,000 population and is the economy and culture center of the region. The high light of our trip there was the church tower of Suurhusen just around Emden, it breaks the record of the Pisa tower ( see picture of the certificate from Guiness)

Leer - from 850 was known "LARE" with about 33,000 population is a beautiful city with fascinating houses from 17th to 18th century. Except for the last two photos from Suurhusen, all the pictures are taken in Leer.

Our trip to Ostfriesland was, i can say unique! :) " Danke schön Ostfriesland für die wunderschöne Reise! " :)

please visit for our Greetsiel trip, thank you.


  1. A fantastic series of pictures to highlight your trip! It must be wonderful to travel and see the world..

  2. Napapa-wow ako sa ganda lalo na yung mga sky shots. Mukhang nag enjoy ka talaga girlash.

    Sarap siguro magtravel dyan. Kelan kaya ako yayaman para makapagtravel naman? hehehe.

    Thanks for sharing sissy.

  3. hi maricar! the fotos are just wonderful!
    if you miss it here, ako naman, how i wish i was there! hehe. ^_^
    i can see that you've enjoyed your trip and finally got an up-close glimpse of you! ^-^
    i love the colorful painted bench,the one where you're seated. you look very candid there. ^0^

  4. Love the boat in the 4th photo. Pretty! :)

  5. Nice collection of photos. Ostfriesland looks like a place worth visiting.

  6. Everything is beautiful! The architecture is very interesting but this post just drives home the point that nothing manmade can ever rival nature's beauty. The sunsets/sunrises are gorgeous!

  7. I love the bike used as an outdoor decor. Gives me an idea.

  8. Icy BC > thanks Icy

    Misalyn > thanks girlash ;) natawa ko sayo Misalyn no sissy sa totoo lang you don't need to be rich to travel some places, we are maybe i can say practical, ;) alam mo na naman si hubby backpacker ;)

    Arabesque > salamuch!!! girlash! ;) weee! nag ba blush ang lola mo! ha!ha! ;) oo nga nakaka miss talaga Pinas kaya enjoy ako viewing your blog and Hilda's too :) you too are amazing bloggers :)

    Mei > thanks again Mei ;)

    Changli > thank you for dropping by, please explore my humble site...

    AB > you bet AB, thanks again

    Hilda > thank you Hilda :) you have a point there

    Pacey > thanks Pacey, it was taken in front of a building somewhere in Leer, good luck on your idea