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Monday, January 4, 2010

"walking in a winter wonder wolfenbüttel (land) "

Sunday yesterday, we went in the city to buy some of the ingredients i need for my Empanadas. My brother in law and his wife will be back soon from Norway, and we invited them for dinner.

Never seen the city like this before full and surrounded of snow! last year there was snow also but not so extreme like this, so off we go with our winter jackets and went to the city. This is the first time i saw the historical city in snow, the Fachwerkhäuser especially the Rathaus (town hall) looks more beautiful and enchanting with snow.

talking about winter wonderland? :) we made a joke to my brother in law, that they should go home now because there's more snow here now than in Norway ;) so guys.. come with me... let's take a walk in winter wonder Wolfenbüttel (land) ;)
i heard in the radio that morning... the DJ is asking a man... if how did the snow affect him... the man just simply answered... "ruhig bleiben... und Die Landschaft genießen..." in English: just stay cool.... and enjoy the landscape... :)


  1. You have to stay very very cool out in the cool winter.

  2. Pang 3 try ko na 'to...something is wrong with my computer or sa net mismo...i don't know.

    Anyway, ANg ganda ng lugar na yan girlash. Yung 8th photo...iba ang dating, nacaptured nya kaagad ang attention ko. Para bang may mystery ang place. Naka add pa ng depth yung snow.

    Ganda rin ng bikes in snow, I wonder kung paano sya gagamitin ng owner, need nya munang kalusin ang snow hahaha, then pag uupo na sya, super lamig siguro sa bum.

    Thanks for sharing Maricar.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I hate snow, except to look at. It is enchanting.

  4. You have lots of snow than us here in Michigan! It looks wonderful, and very magical. Beautiful photos Maricar..

  5. I REALLLY am missing deutschland now :(
    I lived in Alfdorf, Germany for 3 years..
    I agree with Judy.. the photos ARE Beautiful!!!
    Thank you for bringing back some fond memories Maricar ...again :)

  6. Beautiful snow shots. So what do you put in your empanadas?

  7. rain > or you mean to be warm? :) thanks for reminding me rain

    Misalyn > thanks girlash ;) oo nga same here Misalyn i also like that pic misteryoso ang dating, i'm sure di na sila lalabas to go biking girlash sa sobrang lamig ;)

    Judy > we are in chaos now i can understand you...

    Icy BC > thank you Icy we got minus 15 degree celciuos now brrr!! my friends also say it's also freezing now there, keep warm Icy...

    Aion > never heard of Alfdorf, thank you and glad i bring back good memories from these pictures on you :)

    AB > Danke! i put a lot of chilis and "gehacktes rinderfleich"