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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Great Waves" of Skagen

Denmark's Northcape - " Kattegat meets Skagerrak " means Baltic sea meets North sea.

i posted about the sand dunes in Skagen before a few months ago, and i said i will post about the city, but let me share to you first the "Great Waves" of Skagen or Denmark ;)

have you ever been to a Northcape? i did! at the very high up in the North of Denmark at the very end of Skagen we went there to see this "Great Waves". I know it's not like the northernmost point of Europe, the North Cape 71° 10' 21'' N, our friends from Köln with his 13 year old daughter and his wife from Sweden went there and some friends, they just sent us a post card from there, they made it. That would be easy for us to go there because Sweden is not so far from Norway ;)

ok back to Skagen, it was so cold that day, windy but we are lucky the sun shines and the sky is clear, the water is so cold with the temperature of 10°C and not good for swimming of course, and it's also not good for swimmers because of the dangerous current of the waves, on our way back to the parking lot we saw this cute little yellow bird ;)

maybe someday... i will see the North Cape... someday... ;)
*the photo of me with the church is also part of our trip there, they call it "tilsandede kirke" or church buried in the sand thousands of years ago, it reminds me of the church tower in Bicol, Philippines.


  1. The photos are great, and you did dip your feet in the water. Was it cold enough? The little yellow bird is a joy to see.

  2. The water appears to be so nice, who knows it is only 10°C.

  3. Icy BC > thank you Icy :) yes it's cold Icy cold enough, we saw the bird near the parking lot and amazing it didn't flew away Icy ;) i thought birds are hard to get in the camera ;)

    rainfield > thank you rain :) you are right maybe it's even colder

  4. With those lovely looks so warm but looking at you and the other visitors ( madaya ako, ini-enlarge ko hehehe) it must be cold. Lamigin pa naman ako sissy. Malamig na sa akin yang 10 degree celsius.

    Ang cute ng yellow bird.Kakaengganyo ngang picturan hehehe.

    Tsalap mag dip ng paa sa dagat.

  5. Maricar I really love your pictures. I personally kick off the flip flops on the beach and walk bare footed. You look like your having fun.

  6. what more could be lovely that a ray of sunshine and in winter at that. braving the cold and the much colder wind of the seaside, girl, it is all worth it...lovely pictures!

  7. Wow Wow Wow Miss Maricar! Kagagaling ko lang po sa nakakapagod na araw sa School pero nawala laht ng iyon pagdating ko sa Blog mo! Grabe! All these places! You're living My Dream! Grabe I'll be graduating this March and I'm HUNGRY to reach those places! Sana it will be very very soon! You inspired me! Beautiful Skagen! Jan po galing yung watches na Skagen no po :) Grabe I'll be back here more often! I'll link your blog on mine! God Bless You and sending you HOME from Cavite!


  8. Ica, amazing shots! Girl, you are so fortunate to see these beautiful places and really lucky to be able to take back wonderful photos to share! That bird is so cute! Lemme join you in that water...looks cool! Love it! Hmmm, you look good, girilash! *hugs*

  9. Misalyn > thank you sissy :) ay sinabi mo pa girlash super lamig! kaya nga hanggang tampisaw lang ng paa at di talaga uubrang maligo ;)

    Windie > thank you for visiting me here again, yes we had fun although it's really cold, same here i took out my shoes or flip-flops when walking on the beach

    Engtot/Salitype > girlash, you said it all muaaah! love yah Eng! :)

    AB > ha!ha!ha! :) you made me laugh AB that could have been a good title :) thanks the visit again

    Steven > kamusta kabayan? hey Steven thanks for dropping by, and i really enjoy viewing your blog, pareho pala kayo ng anak kong panganay he is also graduating this March, kaya uuwi ako saten :) Congratulations and i will pray for your dreams Steven, i know you will someday will make it come true.

    Tesya > thank you so much my dear Tesya :) lika dalii!! tampisaw tayo girlash kahit malamig ;) yes that bird is so cute, we are about to leave and we saw this cute bird :) love yah Tesya! *hugs*