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Thursday, January 7, 2010

a year older

I really don't know what to post for my birthday, but since my blog is about traveling so i thought of why not post my favorite places that we visited in some of our trips.

so guys... enjoy viewing the pics and if you want you can guess which country it is ;)

i would like to thank you all my dear friends in blogging world, especially my buddies and my family in Salitype :) you guys rock! love you all mwah! :) and to all my blogging buddies, readers and followers... thank you everyone for making my site meaningful and colorful, you guys are my inspiration in writing :)

my family i love so dearly... my 3R i love you so much.... i'll see you all soon...

my husband Michael... i love so much... thank you for always being there mein Schatz... my journey in life had never been so wonderful until you came into my life.... Ich Liebe Dich...

i asked him this morning if he's going to bring home a boquet of flowers for me because it's my birthday... and he answered me... "yes lovely... i'll buy you "Blumenkohl" in English: cauliflower ;) there he goes again... with his 99% shit in the head! hayyyy... ;)
Happy Birthday To Me! ;)


  1. Happy Birthday girlash! Wishing you a wonderful life filled with love and good health. More birthdays to come and more travels and trips too.

    Let me try to guess:

    sth photo: Cambodia
    9th photo: Egypt
    3rd Photo: Italy
    8th photo: Laos

    Whew...i really don't know hahaha.

    Am sending you a virtual kiss and tight hugs....*kiss and tight hughs** mwah!

    Happy, happy birthday!!

  2. Magnificent structures on those buildings car, i like them esp the sunset. Thanks for the visits! Happy New Year too!

  3. happy birthday, Car :) your birthday post is filled with humor and I love how you made me smile today.

  4. Happy Birthday, Car! Beautiful scenery photos, and I don't know what country they are in either.

    Have a great celebration!

  5. Misalyn > thank you so much girlash :) sorry medyo busy kahapon, kaya ngayon lang ulit ako nabuhay ;) i am hugging you back Misalyn and tight hugs... mwah! love yah girlash! :)

    you guessed it right girlash in 1st and 9th photos :) it was in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and the 9th was Bahariyya, Egypt :) sorry girlash mali yung 2 answers mo teehhee ;) but thanks talaga, love yah! God Bless you Misalyn..

    Pacey > thank you Pacey! those are Cathedrals and Mosque, don't you want to guess? ;) happy three kings!

    Bethchai > thank you Bethchai :) and thanks also for your b day greetings in FB, napuno na yung profile ko with your greetings and from our Salitype gals :)

    and i would like to greet you Bethchai... a Happy Happy Birthday to! :) i wish you health, and more joys and happiness in hiking and travelling with Khai... love yah Kimchai :)

  6. Icy BC > thank you so much Icy for the b day greetings :) it's ok Icy ;) we'll have just a simple family dinner together in a mexican restaurant, but hopefully the weather will be kind to us....

  7. Happy Birthday! :)

    I like that structure in the 1st photo.

  8. As always.. FANTASTIC PHOTO's ^_^

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Maricar :)

  9. You must have visited some wonderful exciting countries, there are many cultures depicted in the birthday photos. All great photos.

  10. happy b-day dearie! a year older again! hehe, wish you all the happiness and love, enjoy your day bloggie friend! ^0^

    and my oh-my your travel fotos are just puh-lenty! i envy you! ^0^
    i do hope you get to travel and discover more about each city so that you can share it with us.

    all the best!

  11. Belated happy birthday, Maricar! May God bless you in a special way this year and every year of your life.

    Such magnificent architecture and landscapes! A beautiful post for a beautiful occasion.

  12. Mei > thank you Mei :) glad you like the 1st photo, it's "untouched"! ;) *winks* hehehe

    Aion > Danke Schön Aion! :) das ist sehr nett von Dir

    Glennis > thank you so much for dropping Ms. Glennis :) those photos are some of the places we visited and they are my favorites :)

    Arabesque > hirap i type ng name mo girlash a! ;) joke! thank you deary... we did travelled and visited these places Arabesque, i will just post the name or where are these places in the pics later ;)

    Hilda > thank you Hilda :) i maybe said this before many times, i am maybe just lucky Hilda that my husband loves to travel... he's the real traveler ;)

    God Bless you too Hilda... and thank you again, from my heart....

  13. # 1 photo > Sihanoukville, Cambodia: 2007
    # 2 photo > San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy: 2007
    # 3 photo > Cathedral of Köln, DE: 2006
    # 4 photo > Thailand (bet. the border to Laos): 2007

    # 5 photo > Thailand: 2006
    # 6 photo > Malaysia: 2006
    # 7 photo > Bronkhorst, Holland ( the smallest city in Holland: 2006
    # 8 photo > Angkor Wat, Cambodia: 2005
    # 9 photo > White Deaert, Bahariyya, Egypt: 2009
    # 10 photo > Duomo di Siena, Tuscany, Italy:2007
    # 11 photo > sun set in Mekong River, Laos: 2005

    whew! there you go guys... the whereabouts (some) of each photos, whew! i hope i remember them right! hehe ;) anyway, these photos are all taken by me and my husband Michael, and i swear to God... we had been in all these places! believe it or not!

    Thank you again everyone for all your wonderful comments and greetings, you guys rock! :)

    God Bless us all...

  14. My dear Car! Happy Birthday again, girlash! You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel! You are blessed to have a loving husband and children that make you proud!

    Your photos are amazing. Looks as if it came from a travel mag! You and Michael are such good photographers!

    More birthdays to come! More travel opportunities and wonderful destinations t go to! *hugs*

  15. Belated birthday wishes. I hope the cauliflower tasted good

  16. Tesya > my dear Tesya, thank you so much girlash despite you are so busy you still find time to greet me here :) love yah Tesya! muahh! :) sorry for the late reply, busy sa FB teehee ;)

    yes Tesya my children and my husband they are my treasure :) you really are a blessing to me girlash and our friends in Salitype...

    *hugs* and *lots of love*

    AB > thank you AB, ha!ha! no AB that was only a joke from hubby :) anyway thanks again