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Friday, December 11, 2009

bamboo train trip

Are you ready for this!? ;) have you heard or experienced to ride in a "bamboo train"? i did in Battambang Cambodia. So guys eat your heart out! and let's go for a ride! Lol! ;)

Yes, i had been to Cambodia two times and it always been a good trip, the country has a lot to offer not just the Angkor Wat also there are beautiful beaches like Sihanoukville and more. I love this country it leaves wonderful experiences in my mind and heart.

There are people we met before that we met again in the resort where we stayed for a week, and we are so happy to see each other again :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Oh Maricar, the photos are great. I have never heard of a bamboo train but it looks like fun. What a beautiful place this is, that beach is gorgeous. Thanks for the tour, I had fun.

  2. Thanks for the tour. Parang ang sarap magbakasyon. Hayyyyy. Kainggit ang mga adventure mo girlash.

    Quezon Province has 'bamboo trains', i've experienced to ride once and it was fun.

  3. You find fun everywhere.

    (Did you ever drop down from the bamboo train?)

  4. The pictures are great. Thanks for the taste of adventure!

  5. noon pa, hinangaan ko na ang mga kuha mo. ang gaganda kasi!

  6. Judy > thanks and glad that you like the photos Judy :)

    Misalyn > wow! i didn't know there is bamboo train there in Quezon, real adventure di ba girlash? ;)

    rainfield > ha!ha! no rain thank God! :) honestly it's not always or all fun in Cambodia there's also part of the country's history that is sad, we went also to Thuol Sleng Museum, maybe i can share it to you and all about it later.

    Judy Walker > thanks for the visit :) sometimes we have to try something that we don't experience everyday ;)

    Manoy Doro > Maraming Salamat Po sa pagdaan, at natutuwa ako at nagustuhan nyo ang mga larawan namen ni Michael :)

  7. never had the chance but I'd love to try.