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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phi Phi Island

It's cold now here and i am dreaming.... dreaming that i am on the beach swimming, snorkeling, rolling my body in the white crystal sand of the ocean hayyy... :( so let me dream guys just for this day. I dream also that i was with Leonardo de Carpio enjoying the water in "The Beach"! Lol! hehehe ;)

me with Leonardo este! with hubby hehe ;) *winks*

ok, no more dreams! Two years ago hubby and me was in Thailand in Phi Phi Island and that time i don't know how to swim yet. We made a whole day trip to Maya Bay, including on what we paid are drinks, food, and etc. We also saw some caves, and monkey island, and then straight we go to Maya Bay. So, while the girls and everybody was enjoying swimming and snorkeling i was left alone on the boat just staring at them :( but i can swim now! teehee ;) after we came back from Thailand that year, i learn swimming and then maybe i can say i am not that good but important is i know now how to swim ;) my first experience swimming after learning was in The Red Sea in Egypt ;) now that's another story.


  1. have heard a lot about Phi Phi island, but did not know it is such a beautiful one.

    Oh yes, please spend one moment to dream about Penang Island too. *wink**

  2. this is Phi Phi Island! :) Love the colourful canoes.

  3. Beautiful rock enchanting.

  4. Wow! ang ganda ganda naman sa Phi Phi Island. Ang sarap titigan ng water, looks so relaxing and refreshing.

    Akala ko girlash nandun ka sa umpukan ng mga nakabikinis :)....sayang hindi ka pa pala marunong lumagoy that thime...sana naipakita mo rin ang dapat ipakita *wink*

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. all I can say is WOW!! how beautifull the Islands look Maricar... you and your husband must have had a fantastic time while visiting them! I am envious :)

  6. rainfield > thanks rain, indeed phi Phi Island is one of the most beautiful island and beach in the world,

    hehe ok, i'll dream about that now rain *winks* i am trying to remember but i think we never been to any island when we are in Malaysia we went more on the city that time

    Mei > thanks Mei, yes that is Phi Phi Island and yes the canoes are colorful, did you see me in the pics? ;) *winks*

    Pacey > thanks Pacey :) i am myself was enchanted the first time i step on the island it's magic! ;)

    Misalyn > thanks Misalyn :) ay! sinabi mo pa girlash kaka miss magtampisaw sa tubig ;) ay girlash di ako pwedeng mag upload ng pics ko na naka bikini at maraming magagalit! ;) di rin gusto ni hubby na idisplay ko ang aking mala maalindog na wangkata! ha!ha! yaikks!! ;) hindi ko kaya Misalyn, di kaya ng "powers" ko hehe ;)

    Aion > thanks Aion! :) yes we did had a great time in phi phi, except that

  7. ooopps! what happened to my comments? ok, continuation:

    Aion > except that i can't so i didn't swimm :( but we really did enjoy our trip there :) thanks again Aion

  8. The beach is so pretty and looks so warm and inviting. Today the temperature is below freezing and snow expected this weekend, so I will dream too of a warm sunny beach.

  9. Judy > same here Judy it's freezing here, so let's dream.. thanks for dreaming with me Judy :)

  10. somehow it looked like palawan