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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sufi Whirling (dancing)

I'm in the mood for a dance... Lol! i've been hearing a lot about Belly Dancing in the past few days or months and i thought why not share to you guys about "Sufi Dancing"? Honestly i still have a lot to write about our last days stay in Egypt in Cairo, like the bazzars, the mosque, and etc. just give me time guys, i need time ;)

So what is Sufi dancing or whirling? all i know is it's an ancient traditional dance in Egypt. It was in a theather in Khan-al-Khalili, where we watched it, and the very good thing about is it's for free, but the sad thing is taking video or filming is not allowed :( just click the photos to enlarge and hope you enjoy viewing.

finish, i hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. Fantastic photos Maricar! I saw the male belly dancers while visiting Cairo... I really enjoyed my trip to Egypt, thank you for sharing!

  2. Funny to end with a "finish".

    Then I'll say "over".

    I like the top-spinning-look of the dance.

  3. If Rainfield wants to end the post with "Over", ako naman I'll use "Fin" hahahahaha, ano ba yan? puro kalokohan nasa isip namin hehehe.

    Thanks for sharing girlash,ibang iba pala sa Egypt,yung dito kasi sa UAE puro ladies ang nagsasayaw. Sayang talaga I lost all the pics.

    Papahinga muna sana ako sa mundo ng blogosperya kaso hindi ko mapigilan hindi magbasa bago matulog hehehe.

  4. Defintiely looks good!

    Somehoe reminds me of how pizza is made >.<;

  5. That's beautiful series of photos!

  6. a special interest...great to show the land's one cultural dance.

  7. day, gi apply jud nako ang "ONTOGMOLOMO" dear la japun nag funkar!!! lol! pero nahuman ra oi!

    by the way ka ngilngig sad anang sayawa oi! kamao ka ana day???

  8. Aion > anything for a fellow traveller :) ha!ha! you made me laugh about the male belly dancers?! but maybe they exist ;)

    rainfield > because you are agood friend of mine, ok i agree :)

    Misalyn > girlash thanks! ;) oo medyo strict sila when it's about women belly dancers our tour guide told us but we heard there are some places that there are belly dancers ( women) but you have to pay a fortune, and syempre bakit ka gagastos ng malaki di ba? e di dun ka na sa libre *winks*

    ladyviral > ha!ha! you are funny :)

    Icy BC > thank you Icy, indeed they are beautiful

    Pacey > thanks, it's one of the reasons why to travel in a country the culture

    tejan > i already post a comment in your site, again... just read it! *grin*