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Friday, December 4, 2009

Cuxhaven and more

taken in Neuharlingersiel (Nordsee)

From Bremerhaven we crossed again the River Elbe to Cuxhaven. Most of the time it was really raining so hard and windy and cold, but our journey continues because we want to see something, so we go on despite the bad weather.

All the way to Aurich, Cuxhaven, Varel until to Neuharlingersiel, that i will feature today and

then next i will post the Tea museum in Norden.

Bremerhaven, crossing River Elbe

in Cuxhaven, Alte Liebe

beautiful fishing boats in a small harbor in Neuharlingersiel

a sea gull in Neuharlingersiel harbor

a modern art in Aurich

inside the Varel Cathedral


  1.! Beautiful! Great photos of beautiful places. As always, thank you for 'taking me there'.Am dreaming right now.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.

    By the way,I included your site in my bloglist (

  2. I dread the cold and windy conditions after having experienced it during my trip to Perth. Am glad for the warm weather here.

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. See a cool and nice place, see your usual red jacket.

  4. great seascape and the marina is just a wonder...scenic too.

  5. Great pictures, and fantastic scenery!

  6. Misalyn > thanks girlash ;) and for the link i really enjoy viewing your other site

    Mei > well Mei i think we can't do anything about that, it's nature and it's part of travelling ;)

    rainfield > thanks rain, that's my favorite jacket in this trip *winks*

    Pacey > thank you Pacey, i agree with, same thought when i saw this place

    Icy > thanks for dropping by :)