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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


After visiting my Aunt Luvy in Hamburg, stayed there for at least two nights, we are both so happy to see each other again. She was delighted by Michael's cooking like "Rouladen" (beef). We talked about our family back in Philippines and about so many things. Then on the third day we said goodbye to her and hoping and invited her someday she'll come in Wolfenbüttel to visit us.

in the city of Glückstadt still in Hamburg

arriving in Wischhafen (harbor) it's only almost 12 in the afternoon and it's already dark

Not so far from Hamburg, a not so big city Stade, crossing the River Elbe through ferry for about 20 minutes from Glückstadt to Wischhafen we arrived in Stade. The city is beautiful with it's unique facades from 1500 to 1600 "Fachwerkhäuser" or traditional houses that is typical here in Northern Germany. Although i don't know anything about architecture i am always fascinated by these wonderful historical structures.

a pose with the "fish woman" statue ;) at my back is the "Kranmuseum"

a small canal in Stade

and more historical traditional houses in Stade


  1. I love to see these old and beautiful buildings.They are my favourite. If there is an opportunity, Michael's cooking must be my favourite as well.

  2. Thank you for 'taking me there'. Beautiful photos of the buildings! Colors are stunning and simply awesome.

    Have a nice day ms. Maricar.

  3. beautiful photos of the buildings car, great architecture which europe is well known for it.

  4. the buildings looks gorgeous.

    i always love buildings in europe... they it make look all so cozy :).

  5. Ahh to eat ROLLADEN AGAIN good stuff :D and to Visit Hamburg!!! I was stationed in Germany while in the Service and LOVED it! Thank you for your foto's and as Misalyn said 'Taking me there' I really miss the scenery and the people as well as all the great food lol!

    Take care and happy traveling :)

  6. oh Car, would love to taste Michael's rolladen someday, you're so blessed to enjoy always his cooking!love your travel pictures, as always.

  7. Beautiful photos of a very wonderful place!

  8. rainfield > thank you and i'm glad that you like our photos of historical buildings :) maybe someday rain, there'll be a chance that we meet and then i am sure you'll love Michael's cooking :)

    Misalyn > thank you also Misalyn :) i'll take you eveyrwhere i go because you are a nice person :) mwah!

    Pacey > thanks, i agree

    Ladyviral > thank you, Europe is beautiful i agree with you

    Aion > hey Aion! thanks for dropping by again :) really? oh, i don't believe you when you say you miss the people too hehe ;) *winks* yes, we will Aion,you too take care and keep in touch.

    Bethchai > pa kiss and hugs Kimchai! mwah! :) thank you Bethchai, someday girlash, someday *winks*

    Icy BC > indeed Icy Ostfriesland is beautiful thank yoi for dropping by Icy :)