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Friday, October 9, 2009

tschüß summer, hallöchen autumn

Michael is cooking our dinner and i asked what we have for dinner, he said it's called, "Michael's Fantasy" ;) i said, oh ok, sounds good! ;)

It's bit cool tonight, we got only about 17°C (inside) but today, i am so happy that i manage to clean everything. Took out our summer plants and flowers, clean the balcony, changed the table cloth on our table, and of course took pictures of some flowers that are still looking good despite the cold weather. I am surprised to see that there is still Dahlia came last week, and until now it look so beautiful, and seems like it's telling me to take picture of it for it will be the very last chance.

This flower is called Rot Kohl (red cabbage) but it's not for eating, it's only good as a deco especially this season of the year.

As i say goodbye to my summer flowers, i am also delighted as Autumn comes...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! and let's all welcome Autumn! ;)

God Bless you all.


  1. The flowers are enchanting and the colors are just so beautiful. Something I've never seen before. Have a nice weekend too. I blog at my new page.


  2. Michael's Fantasy is the core of your post. I vote for it.

  3. Michael rocks, Car! Hahaha! Love your fall decors! Lovely!

  4. The dahlia is beautiful, I love that color. You have a very special hubby to prepare a fantasy dinner for you, life is good. Great autumn decorations.

  5. they're beautiful, ica girl, even after a week!...ahhhh, lovely color!

    yes, let us all welcome the autumn!!!

  6. Oh, I love the "Michae's Fantasy" Car, bet it tasted good! love your fall decor!

    have a great fall and weekend!

  7. you have nice flowers and good deco

  8. Pacey > thanks for dropping by, i saw already your new blog, cool! ;)

    rainfield > yes, you are right rain and "Michael's Fantasy was good ;) thanks again.

    Tesya > thank you, Tesya Michael asked what does "Michael Rocks" means! ha!ha! i said, it means you are good or cool ;) thanks girlash, mwah!

    SquirrelQueen > thank you Judy ;) Michael's dream was to be a Chef before, and he's a very good cook ;)

    Engtot > i know it's you, *winks* ;) thanks girlash, that's my small fun here my flowers ;) yes let's welcome Autumn!

    Bethchai > Kimchai dear i miss you... thanks for dropping by, you bet Beth his "Michael's Fantasy" tastes really good! ;)

    Ayie > tahnks again Ayie, God Bless

  9. beautiful flowers! Michael's fantasy sounds yummy!