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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Vientiane - 28.11.2005 and so our journey continues from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. After having a nice and very good baguette sandwich we took a "tuk-tuk" to the bus station. We got our tickets and then the bus leaves at exactly 8 in the morning.

I had vomited two times during the bus trip :( i have problems whenever the road is zig-zag. The first 10 kilometers is still ok, until we went up the mountains then i started to become dizzy :( but not only me, i saw also most of us inside the bus are having the same problem like me. Michael had no problem, he enjoyed the view of the landscape and took photos when we stopped somewhere and it was amazing!

After a very long 8 hours of bus trip we finally arrived in Vientiane. Michael my husband look for a place where we can stay and he found a very nice and clean family run guest house. For 400 Baht a day, we have a nice place to stay and to rest and relax.

The Arc de Triemphe replica, officially " Patu Xai" but the local people of Vientiane call it "Anusawali" was named after a Lao who died in pre- revolutionary wars.

Next day we look around the town, and visit the temple "Pha That Luang" a very interesting temple. There's also a statue of the King before his name is "Setthathirat" but it's under construction when we went there so no photos.

At the end of the day we had a nice bbq dinner along the Mekong River. Next day our journey continues to Savahnaket and Pakse. And i am sooo thankful! because no more zig-zag road! ;)


  1. Whenever I look at the temple, I feel calm and peaceful. The background colour of your blog enhances this.

  2. Temples are pretty interesting...have a nice day Car.

  3. Oh wow, such beautiful place!

    Lovely :). The buildings reminds me of Thailand somehow hehe :).

  4. Rainfield > i agree rain, we also feel so calm and peaceful whenever we enter a temple...

    Pacey > thank you, yes Pacey they are indeed.

    Ladyviral > they are called "temples" and maybe it's similar to the temples of Thailand in Laos they call it "Stupa".

  5. Khim > thank you for dropping by :)

  6. they look grand! You write well about your travels and I love your photos... I have a blog that features other blogsites and I've listed your site on it... I'm totally blown away by your and your husbands travel experiences... awesome. I've placed links to your site from mine.. and am going to follow you. thanks

  7. I have been hearing alot about Luang Prabang lately. Seemed like a fav holiday destination. Haven't been there though.

  8. Oi! ganun ba maricar? hirap pala dyan sa DE no, so kng hindi ka makapasa di ka mabigyan resendency??? hehe!

    yap! iba dito sa sweden, of course we have to study thier language but its not the basis of our permanent visa, even citizenship:)as long as you can communicate like you can speak english, doesn't matter!

    And about our studies... sila nga magbigay ng mga subjects na kunin muna! Like all those basic swedish language kailangan ipasa muna yan..heheh but walang certificate, its just if you passed those then you can enroll what you want. Our school records will be seen whatever school you came from. There is only one controlling agency. All students will apply/enroll only to this agency and they are the one who distributes which school you will go and what subjects you can study depending on your over all school records! So ang ibig kong sabihin dito, hindi na kailangan may ipakitang certificate sa school where you want to study. Ibigay mo lang PERSON NUMBER mo..makita na nila lahat records mo:)hehe!

    And about your comment, I might misunderstood it but you commented on the post where I said; I passed my exams, so I'm explaining that, that exam I am refering was just a periodical exams:)Not the same as what you said exam for certificate! heehh!

    K... ingats!

  9. Aion > thank you so much Aion :) i don't know what to say, speechless :) i never expected this, thank you for featuring my blog in your site, i didn't really expect this... i am not a good writer Aion i even misspelled the words in my texts most of the time ;)

    my husband Michael also wants to thank you, and he is so happy about this :) he said it's nice to know another fellow traveller :)

    keep up the good work.

    Mei Teng > you will like Laos Mei, it's a beautiful country, thanks again for dropping by.

    tejan > cool ka lang girlash! ;) hehe i reply already in your blog, just read it ;) ikaw din ingats! ;) *winks*

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  11. i just feel bad that you weren't too good during the trip but looking at the photos, you seem you had fun there