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Monday, October 26, 2009

Königslutter, Lutterspring

moin moin!

It's Sunday again yesterday, we are lucky this time with the weather. Although it's cold still it didn't rain and the sun shines so off we go. We went to Königslutter about 25 kilometers from WF, East side of Niedersachsen. Michael said there's a natural spring and the nature park is also good for a walk.

i love just looking at these stunning trees, so much joy it brings to a soul like me that loves simple things like nature...

this is what i love in Autumn the colors of the trees and leaves, it was a gift for us to have a one day at least nice weather...

and.. yes another mushroom ;) bonus i think *winks*

on our way back home, we passed by in the Wolfenbüttel's Park, just a normal day i guess but it's wonderful Sunday ;)

guys.. the flowers are for you, because you prayed for us to have a nice weather and it worked ;) thank you for the prayers everyone! :)

have a happy week everyone.


  1. Autumn is a beautiful season. Enjoy! :)

  2. I am overwhelmed with the colour of Autumn recently. I am drunk now.

  3. What a nice views..thanks for sharing:)

    Following here too:) and added you on my bloglist..hope its okey:) I'm a fan of Salitype..heheh!

  4. Oh such beautiful sceneries and shots... I love the pictures of the water areas you took... lovely.. so absolutely lovely~

  5. Mei > yes we are enjoying it Mei :) thanks!

    Rainfield > ha!ha! you made me laugh again my dear friend :) sorry but we can't change that rain it's the season of the year ;)

    tejan > thanks again for dropping by, hope you could share to us also some nice view out there in Sweden ;) thanks for the add i added you too, hope it's ok with you ;)

    ladyviral > thank you again, nature is always a beautiful sceneries..

  6. i definitely will fill up my memory card snapping such sceneries too! autumn is very colorful, nice shots!

  7. hi maricar, hehe, maybe you don't get so much what I mean on passing my exams.., if you will read my later can follow what I mean..heheh but I understand you..heeh.

    I am studying here in Sweden as pre-school teacher... and last week were my periodical exams on my two subjects..hehe just periodical exams dearie, thats why I said there...'so far' cause there are lots coming exams pa..hehh.The final exam will be oh..oh! So..malayo pa ang lalakbayin ko bago magka certificate:) ahheeh and am sure like you said; i will really really post it! nyaahahh.

    One thing is, they have different style here.. thier grading system and thier exams.. like in one subject you will have 4 exams on it in every period:( sakit sa ulo! heheh.

    Good day:)

  8. Ayie > thanks Ayie :) i agree this kind of wonderful sceneries one can't help but to capture it in our camera.

    tejan > thanks for answering my question ;) i just replied in your blog, read it! hehe ;)

    good day ;)

  9. great shots!...would like to experience the beautiful season of autumn in the near future.

    have a lovely weekend Ms. Maricar.