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Sunday, October 18, 2009

self made autumn deco

moin moin!

We are not so lucky these past few days with the weather, got a bit of quick snow sometimes, windy and cold. So, no outdoors pictures for you today guys. With the temperature of below 0°C i made myself busy planting in our humble balcony ;) wearing dick jackets and socks i went planting.

We bought some flowers, plants, baskets and one small sack of soil. I was surprised when i saw the price of a ready made autumn deco in the shop, one deco with flowers and some dried fruits and leaves costs almost 30 Euro! This picture below is my own self made deco. And the result is we spend only for all 10.99 Euro instead of 30 Euro for the deco (picture below) the basket cost 5.99 euro then the Alpenveilchen (Cyclamen) cost 2 euro and the Heide ( Heaths) flowers cost 3 euro, put some soil and i get 2 pieces of apple from our kitchen and walah! i have my very own autumn deco ;)

The flowers with blue and yellow colors are called Stiefmütterchen (Viola or Pansy) and they say it can survive the cold weather of winter, hmmm.. let's see ;) the flower in the shoe vase is also Cyclamen.

The glass vase with the candle is also my own self made deco, we bought the vase for 9.99 and the candle for 4 euro, one pack of deco stone cost 2 euro and the rest what's inside are all natural, one apple, dried fruit, vine leaves and some branches from Mutti's garden ;) and walah! another of my "masterpiece"? ;) *winks* if you buy this ready made it will cost double or even triple the price of the materials.

and this Marienkäfer ( Ladybeetle) i found in the leaves of the berries from Mutti's garden, got several shots whew! before i got this one, hope it's ok ;) here in DE, they say it brings luck. Guys wish us luck next week that the weather will be friendly so we could go outdoors and share to you more pics of Autumn ;)

the hubby is preparing dinner now... and this time he said it's called... "Nudelauflauf A la Michael" ;) got to go guys... to help hubby cooking (teehee) ;)

Have a happy and wonderful week everyone! ;)



  1. Just cannot imagine how your place look like, I am having hot weather as usual.
    And my flowers keep blooming here and there.
    So good.

  2. hi Car! those are gorgeous autumn decos you made! you can put up your own flower shop, you have a talent girl!

    btw, i stay at my vacation house nowadays. visit me at

    see yah!

  3. rainfield > full of plants, flowers and decos ;) plus souvenirs from hubby's travel before and from our travel together ;) so you can imagine now rain ;) now you made me envy when you mention about the weather :(

    thanks again rain, pray for us that we get nice weather this week.

    Cher > Congrats! on your new vacation house ;) thanks girlash, oh, i think we all have talent when it comes to flowers ;)

  4. car, girlash! the artist in you is coming out! lovely it all

    i might do the same thing with my plants, buy of those boots looking pots. that is if i can find!


  5. I like the boot vase :)

  6. Engtot girlash! ;) yeah! i think i am an artist too somehow.. Lol! hehe ;) this kind of boots or shoe vase i think you can find it there too Eng.

    Thanks again Engtot!

    Mei Teng > thanks for dropping by Mei :) yes that boot vase is cute ;) hey, feel free to explore my humble site.

  7. the boot pot also is my fave! you decorated well =)

  8. Ayie > thanks again for the visit, some things to keep me busy when we can't go outdoors on weekends, decorating ;)

  9. Oh, you are so talented with the designs who needs the ready made deco. The flowers you chose are beautiful, I love your autumn decorations.

    Regarding the comment you left for me, of course you may use a past post for the Harvest Challenge. Just be sure to use a link that will go directly to the post so folks won't have to search for it.

    I hope your weather warms up so you can enjoy the outdoors and show us more of your autumn scenery.


  10. SquirrelQueen > thank you Ms. Judy :)

    thank you for answering my question, then i am in ;) i'm glad you like the deco, and thanks for the prayers it worked ;)