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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skagen, Denmark

Skagen - one of the best and enjoyable trip we had in Denmark. Skagen is before, known as a small village and the people live in fishing. This sand dunes is about 90 meter high, and i made it climbing up there with my bare foot, you can see in the photo above i am holding my flip-flops it was easier to climb.

On the other side of the sand dunes is an ocean but be aware of this ocean because it is "tückisch" ( treacherous)!

whew! it's not easy climbing up this mountain of sand dunes but it's worth it, when i finally went to the top of it, i said.. "yes! i made it"! ;)

the lighthouse or tower is also an attraction to the tourists, half of the light tower is almost buried in the sand dunes.

We took a photo of this sheep seems like it telling us "beee! beee!!" ;) look at my back, can you see the sand dunes? did we look like we enjoyed the trip? oh, i think we did! hehe ;)

next entry i will share to you guys the city of Skagen.


  1. It is so fun to climb up the mountain of sand. I remember your trip to midle east by then.

  2. Your colors are wonderful, just perfect for the sunny day. And the sheep is like saying: puera tsismis. :)

  3. you took great shot of Michael with the light house. nice place! :)

  4. Hi car, am sorry I didn't mean that I went to Prague, but I did visit some Euro cities. Just too lazy to dig out the archives. :)

  5. HI Car, I love sand dunes, I miss climbing on sand dunes, it is fun, but yeah, challenging too :) love your pics!

  6. rainfield > the desert in Egypt is not so high rain or maybe there is but we didn't know, thanks again rain :)

    Pacey > hehe :) you made me smile with your comment Pacey :) but anyway thanks for the visit :) oh, about that it's ok maybe i just misunderstood you ;)

    Cher > thank you Cher "tsamba lang" girlash teehee ;)

    Bethchai > thank you Kimchai :) happy to hear from you girlash :) yes Bethchai it's not that easy ;)