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Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Sunday in Braunlage

Yesterday, we went to a nature park in Braunlage just an hour away from where we live,Wolfenbüttel. I had been asking hubby for a nice place to go where we can go mushrooms and butterfly hunting and of course to enjoy the nature itself. I am a nature lover and i thank God for these wonderful creatures that HE given us to enjoy and realize how beautiul life is with them. I hope you enjoy viewing the pics, there will be not much of words in this entry because i honestly don't know the names of these butterflies and mushrooms, except for the "Fingerhut" and ducks and gold fish in the park.

at the "Kurpark" gold fishes and ducks enjoying the good weather...

i chased this butterfly i didn't give up until i got it in my camera ;)

the park is surrounded with these beautiful flowers...

and more flowers....

and more flowers...

the first wild mushrooms we found...

this butterfly didn't give me ahard time, it stays there like it was sleeping ;)

the second wild mushrooms we found going back...

we call it here "Fingerhut" or in english Digitalis. All i know about this flower is it's beautiful and it's poisonous.

the last wild mushrooms we found and we don't know if it's eatable or not...


  1. mushrooms, mushrooms - i've had all sorts all over the world in one day. thanks for this post, car...

  2. oh, that flower is poisonous Car? we do have a lot here in the wild too, am glad i never tried to get close or touch them, just photography them. love that pink flowers Car, so dainty. and the mushrooms, they are always a sight.

  3. Che > thank you also... i only have problems now regarding white mushrooms :( the doctor said i should stop eating them because i have gout :(

    Bethchai > thanks Beth, yes they are poisonous i also don't go near and touch them just took picture of it.

  4. So much nature shots! so relaxing!

  5. ladies, which ofb the flowers is poisonous?

  6. Ayie > hello Ayie! the poisonous one is the Digitalis (9nth pic) it is also use for medicinal purposes to cure some illness like rheumatism.