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Monday, July 27, 2009

Denmark trip June, 2008

Note: this entry is lifted from my old blog in friendster also titled flip-flops and backpack.

13.06.2008 Yes! we are ready! for 10 days holidays in Denmark. First we went to Northern German State of Schleswig- Holstein to see the historical towns of Mölln, Ratzeburg and Lübeck. We spend one night in Grömitz at the Balticsea. Next morning we went to Puttgarden on the Island of Fehmarn to catch the Scandlines Ferry to Roedby in Denmark. We crossed some islands and bridges of the Danish islands to go to the island of Moen. In this island they have a spectacular limestone cliffs, about 100 m high, it was beautiful! Going up there through the natural forest was really wunderbar!

Then we went to Copenhagen the capital of Denmark, 1/3 of the population living there. We stayed on a nice camping with restaurants, hot shower, (with high-tech toilettes) and because Denmark is not cheap! we cooked our own food ( like we did many times after). Next day started with heavy rain and we took the railway to the center. The rest of the day was very cold and windy but sunny, even I got sunburnt!There's so much to see in Copenhagen. We just saw some high lights like, Town hall, historical fountain, churches, castles of the King and Queen Amalienborg. At the waterfront we saw the symbol of Copenhagen, the famous "Little Mermaid". Busloads of tourists from all over the world and us there. At the historical and old port of Nyhavn i eat my first Poelser, Lecker! typical Danish food. It's a hot- dog with different sauces, sweet pickles and crispy onions. Walking to the Royal gardens with a castle, we came back near the railway station. Of course we didn't forget to visit Tivoli, it was fun! with many rides and attractions, but we didn't see the illumination of Tivoli, because in summer it's always daylight there.

to be continued...


  1. you've been busy writing, maricar...

  2. Denmark to me is more about Hans Christian Andersen. The stories accompanied me since my childhood.
    Yes, of course, your trip was interesting, cooked by yourselves,camping, got sunburnt in a cold day, the white limestone cliff.

  3. i love that limestone cliff too Car, very pretty and peaceful, so inspiring. your trip is my kind of trip, pack and go, to experience and see more places

  4. Che > thank you again for dropping by, yes i am excited about my new site here in blogger ;)

    rainfield61 > thank you, yes it's cool ;) we prepare to stay in a camping site rather than in a luxury hotels (depends on the weather) because in camping we are more close in the nature, we go to sleep and wake up in the morning hearing the birds singing or by the ducks' "quack!quack!" walking around our tent ;) yes, Hans Cristian Andersen wrote about "the little mermaid" which is the symbol of Copenhagen.

    Bethchai > thank you Beth, yes that's how we go from one place to another, pack and go! we stay in one place for a day or two to see the important sights and then go.

  5. whoah, that's a very heavy clouds right there. i love that garden art...the pattern is a beauty!