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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Italy trip May- June 2007

Two years ago we wanted to go to Italy. Michael was there before and i was wondering what is Italy? So, Michael said it's hard to say. He said Italy is everything you want and also not what you want. It's one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Europe if not in the world. We only had two weeks and we really saw and experienced a lot.

So, still what to expect in Italy? It has culture in many ways, like excellent pizza and pasta, wine, then unique places like Venice, Napoli, Rome, Firenze, etc. and beautiful landscape like in Toscana or the lakes at the foot of the Alps and volcanoes too, history from three thousand years ago, and until today ( ancient ruins and Ferrari). Italy is also the home of famous genius artists and scientists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo and many more.

Buongiorno! or Ciao!

Welcome to Lago di Garda!

After driving about one thousand kilometers from the North of Germany we arrived in Torri del Benaco, at the Lake Garda. We found a camping near the town, and after building our tent we look around this small historical town, with a castle, promenate on the lake, and nice old town and harbor.

In the evening we had a nice dinner in a restaurant on stilts in Lake Garda. I had fresh fish from the lake and Michael had his pizza a la Lago di Garda. And of course 1 liter of house wine ;) We slept in our small tent under the olive trees, with birds singing and because we are so tired, we said "Bouna Notte"! ;)

Next day, i woke up with the birds singing and in Michael's "Buongiorno Lovely!" and i said wow! we are really in Italy ;) We packed our stuff and (no breakfast, restaurants are still closed) drove along Lake Garda to Bardolino. It's not so far from Torri. There at the harbor a restaurant, they served us excellent Italian coffee and sandwhich for breakfast. We looked around the town with marble black and white pavements, and yachts in the harbor.

Next place and the last we visited in Lago di Garda is the town of Lazise. Of course it has a big castle, small harbor and old town everywhere you look it's really nice and romantic. Leaving the lake we drove all the way to Verona, about 100 kilometers away from Garda.

VERONA - the city of opera, of Romeo and Juliet. They say Shakespeares story the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet happened here (?) and the picture below they say is Juliet's balcony. If it's real or not nobody knows. A lot of tourists from all over the world are there, including some Flipinos. After visiting Juliet's balcony, we walked around the old town with small alleys, churches, historical houses also "Romeo's house", and came to the river Adige, this part of Verona is the home of rich people. On the other side, hills and villages are connected by ancient bridges.

We found a restaurant near the river Adige, with the best Lasagne we ate in Italy! mmm! Magnifico! ;) we walked back through the old town with nice alleys, some old churches to the big main square, where there is also the ancient Roman Amphitheater ( when we had been there it was under reconstructions). Where they make the world famous Opera Festival of Verona.

So, on the high way with a lot of traffic we came there in the middle of the harbor area, and we are lost! it took some time until we found a camping in this unique city.... Venezia. That was the very busy day, and we cooked our dinner that night and Michael got his wine.


  1. many great views to visit, italy is among our trvale list =)

  2. nice place to visit and include in my dream list. ;)

  3. thank you Cher and Ayie :) i will pray for you guys, i know it will come true someday... thanks again guys!