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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Netherlands trip August 2006

Three years ago we made a trip to Holland or The Netherlands. My second trip outside Germany in Europe (first was in Luxembourg).

THE NETHERLANDS - the land of tulips,"pannenkoek" (pan cakes), milk, cheese, windmills, wooden shoes and porcellain, and a very long history, discoverers and traders which made the country rich. The land of famous artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and many more. Holland is also famous with "Grachten" ( canal and moving bridges).

DELFT - It was in August 2006, we are not so lucky with the weather that year. Holland is not so far from Wolfenbüttel, it was about 4 to 5 hours driving. We arrived in Delft in the afternoon, and we found a nice nature camping site ( 4 star camping site) and built our tent under an apple tree. We had a nice dinner in the camping's restaurant ( too tired to cook our food because we had been to other places in Germany before). At night, sometimes we woke up because apples are keep falling on our tent ;) and in the morning we woke up with the birds singing and by ducks' " quack! quack!", rabbits running around and goats eating the apples which fell down last night ;) real nature camping! ;)

Next day, after we had our breakfast we went to the city of Delft. Through the alleys and canals with bridges, and dark red brickstone houses we came to an old historical church from 1500's. It's called "Nieuve Kerk" or new church. Nearby we came to the big main square with the town hall on one side, the old church opposite and on the other sides beautiful merchants buildings from the 1500's now housing shops and restaurants.

MADURODAM IN DEN HAAG - a miniature of Holland, just a few kilometers away from Delft. It was raining that day when we arrived. So many tourists from all over the world and especially with children are there.


  1. I like the experience to camp under an apple tree. Woke up at the night because of fallen apples, welcomed by the singing of birds in the morning.

  2. hello sis, i love the first photo he he he...hay, thank you again for taking me there...mwah!

  3. hi car, like Zen, i love the first photo too, gosh, wish the shoes will pick me here and fly me there :)

  4. rainfield61 > thank you rainfield! that you always find your way here ;) hey, i know you can relate to that rain, because you're a nature wanderer too ;)

  5. Zen and Bethchai > thanks girlfriends! ;) yeah, i wish too i could ride and fly there with that giant shoes and take you both with me ;) thanks again mwah! ;)