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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This entry is from my old blog in friendster also name flip - flops and backpack. This is where our journey in Egypt begins, in Aswan.

Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian once noted: " Concerning Egypt, I will now speak at lenght, because nowhere are there so many marvelous things, nor in the world besides are there to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness..." ( from the Lonely Planet )

Come with me and join us in our adventure in Egypt. Ride a camel with me, sail with us with the Felucca, visit and be captivated by four thousand year old monuments and we will show you the "secrets" of some ancient tomb , enjoy the beauty of the under water world by snorkelling in the red sea, make a real desert safari and see the life of about twenty five million people city of Cairo.

ASWAN - is Egypt's southernmost city, a gateway to Africa, Michael and me call it the Verona ( in Italy) of Egypt. The river Nile and the beautiful mountains and sand dunes makes it romantic and it was also considered the popular winter place. For the Egyptians it is warmer than in Cairo or Alexandria. Aswan is located on the East Bank of river Nile. The city is busy with big Bazar open day and night and also restaurants, markets while the other side is just desert with tombs and sand dunes and mountains. The best thing to do when you're in Aswan is to sail a Felucca and watch the sun set over the hills and islands in the river Nile. That's what we did ;)

By sailing a Felucca, you must really bargain hard with the owner or sailor, because when they know you are a tourist they really ripped you off with the price. Finally, we found a nice old Egyptian guy and we agreed with the price, 50 EP for two hours. We sailed around the islands and enjoyed the view of the city Aswan and wait for the sun to set but it's bit cloudly that day but still we enjoyed it ;) It was a wonderful experience sailing the Felucca which sails with the wind and the current of the river. That's how the ancient Egyptian did and also today. Next morning we woke up 3 o' clock in the morning and had breakfast in the hotel. Our mini van came after a few minutes and then off we go. In a convoy of buses we waited for almost an hour and finally, we go.


  1. I have dream and read about egypt, but there are many places to be visited, and there are so many places not visited.

  2. oh, am same as rainfield Car, i have a dream of being in egypt too, but there are many places to be visited, and there are so many places not visited, that i can just thank you for sharing your travels with us that through you, we see the parts of the world we do not see.

  3. PS...Car, regarding what happened to your elements...

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  4. Thank you so much rainfield61 for visiting my site, i also dreamed about Egypt before, and that dreamed will never be fulfilled if not from my husband, he promised to me that i will see Egypt someday and he didn't failed me with his promise ;) yes there's still so much places to see in this world...

  5. Bethchai, it's my happiness to share our travel experiences to dear friends like you... and same with you Beth, thank you so much for sharing to us your travel escapades. Oh, Bethchai i don't know what happened to my side bar's elements they are all under my entry in white desert bahariya :( but only in that entry here and in Giza Pyramids entry are ok. I will follow your instructions and try, thank you so much again Beth for always being there when i have problems here in my blog.

  6. Hi Car, it seems your elements are working fine now, i see them all in the sides no matter whether am at the home page or in anyone of your posts, even at the white desert, so hope it is okay now Car :)

  7. congrats girl! your new house is looking great! and your travel experiences are all fascinating to see and read! see i don't even need to go far to be far, i can just visit you here and you take me to places i've never been...

    thanks girl!

  8. car, one of my dear friendster friends - keep up the good work. (i noticed you have 2 blogsites - just go to SETTINGS and play around and DELETE the other blogsite [the other flip-flop..] if you are not using it).

    egypt is the land of the gods. you've been there. what a lucky girl...halika, rub the charm off on me..

  9. Betchai > thank you so much Beth for your help and tips, yes it's ok now the elements are all in the side bar now, only i still didn't try to make or add is my "alkansya" but i will, thanks again Kimchai, mwah!

    Eng > thank you Eng! yes Eng i am so excited about my new haus here ;) and still a lot to do...

    Che > thank you again for the visit Che, thanks Che i don't know how to delete my other blog, thank you for telling me, here Che... i will not just rub it to you.. feel my hugs Che... my dear friend...