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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Giza Pyramids, Cairo

We woke up very early to catch the bus to Bahariyya, Oasis. Without any breakfast we went straight to the bus station. In that time of the day Cairo is quiet. So the taxi driver even went the wrong way through one way streets to be faster. Michael stands in the line to buy the tickets and i was watching for our backpacks. Seven o' clock the bus should leave, but then they told him it's all full. At least we got the tickets for the next day. Ok, so we went by taxi back to our pension and stayed another night and got our breakfast and our room again. So, what to do then? I told Michael why not visit now the Giza Pyramids, and he said ok, good idea! ;) but how like Michael is, because he was there before - even it was 1985 and with his mother - we went like them because he knows that there is cheap transport. For only 50 Piasta ( half EP ) each we took the local bus to the Pyramids. That's part of the trip, and later Egyptians told us, "wow! well done"! ;) After a local long bus trip we arrived in Giza. Many touts are offering us tour guide with the camel or donkeys but we said no, we walk.

After we got our tickets we walked up to the plateau where the Pyramids, the last remains of the seven wonders of the ancient world are standing. WOW! i felt so small standing near the Giza Pyramids! The first pyramid we came to was Cheops, actually the biggest and the youngest of the three pyramids of Giza, about only 5000 years old. The next to the biggest is Pharaoh's Chefron pyramid. It's top is still preserved with the granite after almost 5000 years. The smallest of the three pyramids is Pharaoh's Meneken pyramid.

We walked through the desert to a hill over looking all the three amazing pyramids of Giza. Some tourists came with the camel and we "rented" just to have pictures with camel and the pyramids. Good for the Egyptian guy, it's extra income for him ;)

From the plateau of Giza we had a view of modern city of Cairo, but we wanted to see the world's most famous statue, the Sphinx. Nobody knows who made it and for waht purpose, and how old it is, "sure it's older than the pyramids of Giza". But it's there and this statue will gives a feeling of unknown and eternity. It's simply amazing and mystical like magic. When you stand there and see it, you will feel it.

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The whole day we spent there our time without lunch or anything, so in the evening to a taxi ride we went to the subway station. There Michael and me took the metro or lrt of a subway where only women are allowed to ride, but we didn't know it so we just jump in in the train and a woman told us in a friendly way that it's only for women. They know we are tourists and we just say sorry. And then we went out to Tarhiya square and had our Egyptian tea in our favorite local tea and sheesha shop.

We had a nice dinner in a typical Egyptian restaurant and sleep early because next day it will be "real action"! means travelling a long... long... way! through the desert. So, that's our trip to the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, my childhood dreams came true.... to see the pyramids and the sphinx. I have been there, and i will never forget this.


  1. oh girl, oh! girl...look at those wonders!! oh i hope i get to see some of the worlds breat wonder in my must be one great adventure to be there, egypt- the land of the pharoahs! thanks for these photos, ica...

    oh! one pretty cool site you have here! well done, girl!!

  2. Hi Car, yehey, English na yung "post comment" at "join this site", before guess ko lang kung sa-an click ko mag comment haha.

    gosh, Car, you are so small compared to the pyramids, thanks for sharing this wonder to us, it is like we were there too enjoying, learning and seeing the history.

  3. Car, gsutong gusto ko yung napili mong header, ganda Car!

  4. hey Car, pati about me, i love it, especialy the hubby-bi, hahaha.

    hmmmm, i also don't know why there's a lot of space between your pics and text Car, maybe it is because the original pic was huge that even if you chose medium or large only when you post it, it takes some space?

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  5. hey backpacker hot mommah! you're tagged!

  6. Eng > thanks for the visit Eng, yes no doubt girl i know someday you will see those wonders, thanks still it's confusing to me Eng but i'm learning (teehee) ;)

    Betchai > thanks Beth for everything, for your patience and advices and tips on what to do whew! i still have much to learn in blogging ;) buti na lang andyan ka thanks again Bethchai! mwah! :)

    Bayhoi > thanks sa visit girlash ;) and sa... dapat ba akong magpasalamat sa tagged? hehe ;) joke lang Choi ;) thanks again

  7. oooh the transformers pyramids! how was it riding the camel?

  8. Hello Ayie!

    thank you for the visit ;) oh, the camel ride was at first scary but then in the end i enjoyed it ;) actually my first camel ride was in Dahab, i will post it here later. Thanks again Ayie.