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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Venice trip

I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs,

A palace and a prison on each hand,

I saw from out of the wave of her structure's raise,

As from the strokes of the enchanter's wand,

A thousand years their cloudy wings expand,

Around me, and a dying Glory smiles,

O'er the far times, when many a subject wand,

Look'd to the winged Lion's marble pines,

Where Venice sate in state, throned on her hundred isles.

by : Lord Byron ( George Gordon Noel Byron )

Venezzia - 21/ 05/2007 - It was a long line, "lange schlange!" 10 o'clock in the morning at last the bus boat leaves. I got my video camera and Michael with our normal camera. After 100 kilometers away driving from Verona we reached Venice.

I can't believe my eyes that i am in Venice! being in Venice is such a wonderful experience. Never in my life i saw such a beautiful city, so enchanting and like they say... once you see Venice, you will fall in love with it, and we did.

Piazza San Marco - St. Mark's Square. Is the main square of Venice. I will never forget this beautiful city, the bell tower the Ponte di Rialto, and everything!

the poem by Lord Byron said it all, i've been to Venice, and i will never forget this trip in Italy. My husband and I hope someday we can go back there again... and fall in love again and again to Venice...

by: maricar


  1. hi Car! Venice is such a romantic place! lucky you to have been there! :)

    i just saw a photo of a flooded place in Venice in the newspaper. :(

  2. Everywhere is such a wonderful place.
    I have seen a similar place in Hong Kong, it is in a hotel, hahaha.

  3. hi Car, glad to see you always enjoying your trips. love your pictures Car.

  4. girlash! when is you next holiday..take me with you...waa!

    oh! i love to have a ride on those lovely gondolas while sailing the romatic canals of venice...oh!


  5. There's a town in Italy where my husband really wants to go and definitely venice will be part of the list once we set foot there. It's really good to travel and to see new places.

    Happy Monday =)

  6. thanks everyone!

    Cher > my dear thanks girlash ;) yes, Venice is a romantic place, and sooo full of tourists! we had hard time looking for a place to stay, and yes i saw that in the news also, but i think it's back to normal now.

    rainfield61 > you and your humor! that was funny rainfield! hehe Lol! thanks for taking time to visit my site rain, really there's a hotel in HK looks like in Venice? oh, never been in HK maybe someday rain... thanks again.

    Betchai > thanks girlash even with your busy sched at work you still find time to come and visit me here :) thanks Beth, love yah girlash! ;) mwah!

    Salitype Engtot > thanks Eng, lika daliii! pasok ka sa back pack ko! hhihi ;) ay kay Zen ko ata sinasabi yun a? teehee ;) oh, Eng that was the thing we missed or maybe we didn't care to do when we are there, we enjoyed more riding the local "bus boat" together with other tourists and the local people of Venice ;)

    Ayie > thanks again Ayie! :)

    oh, i know you are one tavel bug too, i know someday Ayie you will... it's true Ayie... it's true...

  7. Car, oh my... the countries you have visited and posted here belong to the Top Ten places we wish to visit. You are really fortunate!

    Car, I noticed, you have posted about several countries already. If you don't mind, add more photos on your next posts! I love looking at your photos. You're not just a world class traveler, you are also a gifted photographer! Amazing shots!

  8. Tesya dear, thanks for your time girlash, i will next time Tesya, in that time we don't have digital camera yet, and i only scanned all these pictures from the original photos Michael still have lots of photos from our trip there,(from his slides) and maybe i will post it here too when we will have the chance to develop some of it, thanks girlash sa compliments! :) kaka inspire :)

    Michael also did great job in taking photos, (teehee) Tesya you and Doods are travellers too, and admire also your photos Tes, you two are also good photographers.

    thanks again Tesya for your time, i'll try my best next time to post more pics. Love Yah Tesya! mwah! :)

  9. i didnt get to visit venice when i was italy... but believe me, i will be there sooner!! hohoho... one of my dream places :) yeah a backpack mother? lol i doubt i could backpack if i had a family...that's the reason why i keep travelling now =p

  10. fufu! my friend! welcome! ;)

    what a surprise! thank you for dropping by, yes i am a mother fufu, i have three children they live in Philippines with my mother.

    ok, but next time you visit Venice be sure to have your girlfriend with you (teehee) because it will be so boring to travel there alone ;)