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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"the city of a thousand towers"

Prague - also known as "the city of a thousand towers" or "the city of spires"...

It was late in the afternoon already when we arrived to Prague. About 150 to 200 kilometers away from Hradec Kralove. It was snowing so hard and cold, we look for a place to stay, then we ended up in a tourist information office asking where we can find a nice hotel to stay for two nights. They arranged everything for us and told us how to get there, and we are lucky to find the hotel easily. After checking in and bringing our things in our room, we went to the city. The hotel is bit expensive ( 80 Euro per night ) but includes our breakfast.

We took the tram for about half an hour and then we are in the city center of Prague. It was wonderful to be in this city, everywhere you look it's beautiful. Michael my husband said, there's a famous beer brewery in Prague called U Fleku, and they have also of course good CZ food. We decided to eat there (late lunch) and also Michael can get his Pilsener beer. It was full of tourists as we enter the historical brewery restaurant. Some are totally drunk already and making trouble so the "big guys" came and took them out of the place. It was not cheap there but still the food is good and Michael was so happy to get his beer after driving a long time and happy because he don't need to drive that day. Not so far from U Fleku we walked to the Moldau River with those beautiful buildings from 19th Century.

Then suddenly, we had been in Karl's Bridge, came another strong snow storm and we hurried back to our hotel with the tram. After relaxing, we went to an Italian restaurant near the hotel. The pizza was surprisingly good. Then we are so "kaputt" (tired) we watched tv and then fall asleep. Next day is another action day... means, a lot of walking around the city.

to be continued...


  1. I am reading two blogs featuring Prague at the same time. This helps to reinforce my memory. Hahaha...

  2. Maricar, your photos are beautiful. I love the title of your blog.

  3. girlash! now, you made me realy, really want to go it, love it, love it!

  4. I have always loved europe's architecture. Very elegant. Been to some cities there and I miss the palaces too. :) Glad to reminisce and see some photos here on your blog. Thanks for following my blog.

  5. i love prague's old structures and it truly stands for its name! lots of spires all over towers!

    one of my fave there is the astrological clock, very unique!

    a pleasant evening to you!

  6. i am not much of city and structures person Car, i prefer to travel in the wilderness, however, Prague is in my top list for places to visit someday. There's something in its old structures that really draw me to it. Great photos!

  7. Oh wow, Car, Prague is beautiful and you did a good job in bringing pieces of it to us through your blogs. I had to take my time with your beautiful photos. I would love to visit it someday!

    I have just seen the button of the award with my name included to it -You are most welcome. Thank you for putting it up and linking me. I appreciate it! :)