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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bonjour! and Merci!

i miss my flip-flops and backpack...

it's been a while, been missing a lot in the world of blogging, but maybe not really i am also posting sometimes in our group in Salitype Society, please if you have time visit our site, thank you.

and i just want to thank you everyone for greeting my MIL Mutti and Michael on their birthday last August 20th and 21st, my friends in Salitype and my family and friends in Philippines, thank you so much...

Michael and me will be travelling again, this time to France, in Provence. Michael said it's beautiful there, of course i'm excited! ;)

i'll be seeing you all again in October, have fun blogging and i wish you all a wonderful weekend! so everyone... " Au revoir "! for a while...


  1. Have a good journey.....ooooOOOOOO000000

  2. hehe you really are funny rainfield! ;) Merci! ;)

  3. Bonjour Ms.Maricar! Enjoy your trip! Take lots of photo and share it with us.

  4. Bonjour Ms. Misalyn! and Merci! :) weee!! excited na ko girlash! ;) i will Misalyn, pray for us that our journey will be safe, thanks again Misalyn and God Bless...

  5. Bon voyage. Don't forget the camera

  6. bonnes vacances, its a great country, enjoy the lanscapes, food and drinks...i have plenty of things about France on my blog in case u are curious:)

  7. can't wait for more to come ^_^.

  8. hey Car, so nice to see your blog alive again :) yes, thanks always for your great posts in our site Car.

  9. have fun Ica! will go there when you come back, that is by looking at your photos. *winks*

  10. Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
    We can be friends ???
    I can put on your list of blogs?? thanks

  11. hi girl! ^0^
    haven't heard from you and flipflops.
    i'm sure you'll enjoy Provence at its best...
    Bonne vacances!
    take lots of pictures and share it with us.
    basta enjoy it, it's an experience that's truly unforgettable.

  12. Wow this is awesome. it's been awhile since i last visited your blog and i like the change. entire new and exciting as well as the posts. keep it up. have a wonderful vacation and looking forward for more post of that vacation.

  13. beautifully captured ica girl! the vignette makes it more dramatic..

    kala ko i was lost and gone to someone else's! nice blog. i love the new look.

    missing you!

  14. thank you everyone! missing you all too! :)

    @ thanks AB! don't worry i won't :)

    @ thanks Jana! :) ok i will visit your site before we go to get some infos or ideas where to go in Provence

    @ lady viral - thanks! hopefully we could bring nice photos when we come back ;)


  15. @ Betchai - thank you too Beth :) yeah i miss blogging Beth, it's ok Beth, i love what we are doing, it's the only thing i can share on our group...

    @ Cher - thank you dimples! :) napaaga ata post ko girlash ;) two weeks pa bago kami umalis ;) we will Cher, and you will be *winks*

    @ Bogdan - thanks!

    @ Arabesque - miss you girl! and thanks for the Bon Voyage, seems like you've been to the country?

    @ Ruthi - miss you sis! :) thanks Ruthi! sure i will post our trip in France here and in our site ;)

    @ Engtot - miss you too Engtot! thanks, just learning from you ;) and our friends, still i have to learn more in photography Eng, hugs to you and Ysabelle..