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Monday, July 12, 2010

3rd place for DE!

Herzlichen Gluckwünsch Jungs! Ihr habt sehr gut gemacht! und Danke schön für eine wunderschön spiel! Willkommen zurück zu Hause!! :)

und Danke schön Süd Afrika für eine tolle Weltmeisterschaft 2010!!! :)

just a quick post everyone, Deutschland won the 3rd place in this 2010 FIFA World Cup!! :) had a great time watching the games! We are so proud of you "Jungs"!


  1. wow, did you make that cake, Car? wonderful!

  2. gut gemacht Deutschland! your cake looks yummy.-)))

  3. Nice cake!!! Cograatulations from Spain!

  4. moin moin everyone! :) sorry for the super late reply..

    @ Bethchai - no Beth, Mutti baked the cake ;) it's a lemon cake and tastes good

    @ Jana - Danke Jana! :) your boys also did a good job

    @ Rob and Mandy - thanks! Congratulations to you too! from WF DE! 0:1 not bad äh? ;)

  5. thank you dimples! :) been so long... thanks again Cher ;)