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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Olomouc CZ

Note: this entry is lifted from my old blog in friendster, also entitled flip-flops and backpack, a continuation of our trip to Czech Republic, March 2008.

(continuation from Kromeriz)

Next day we had been lucky this time with the weather. It was cold but at least sunny. Soon we are in OLOMOUC. We first visited the cathedral and monastery. The cathedral is called Wenzelsdom. In the city center on the main square is the Town Hall with Astronomical Clock. Also there is Pestsäule or world heritage monument. They built this monument to comemorate the victims of Plague in medieval ages in Europe.

a monument to remember the victims of plague from medieval age

the town hall with Astronomical clock

So we hit the road again after Olomouc, to reach HRADECH KRALOVE. We found at the again beautiful main square a Italian Hotel to stay for a night. As we look around the city center, it was dawn already and the sky was really colorful behind the towers of the town. Of course we took the chance to take pictures. And our dinner we had in another good Czech restaurant, with Knödel of course finished that good day.


  1. hi KangCarrot! i just love viewing the skies in the photos haaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! my favorite is the last photo...

  2. agree with kulasa, ganda ng last photo. mixture of rage and blue! hehehe! peace sister!

  3. the monument is remarkable! That country has so much architectural structures that's a must see. Aside from the great places to visit, that alone makes me all happy thinking of visiting there.

  4. oh, lovely skies and amazing structures Car, thanks always for sharing to us the beauty of the places you visit.

  5. Thanks Kulasa, Bethchai and Cher! ;)

    i am so happy that you like it guys ;) me too i love that picture ;) Cher... no comment ako baka magalit saken si Kulasa! hehe ;)

  6. Ayie > thanks again for your comments ;) i know you are an architec, and i'm right that you will like the structures of this entry ;)