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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bundesgartenschau 2009 in Schwerin

Oh, silly me i should have describe what is Deutschland or Germany in my first post ( Braunlage) about where i live, ok lessons learned ;) (teehee) so, how can i describe Germany? It's the land of cars, sausage,bread, noodles, potatoes and beer. There are about 80 millions populations here, and the country is rich of history. But hey i am not here to tell their history, but i created a label about Germany to share to everyone my stories and photos and our trips in the country.

I am now living here for 4 years and so far, got the chance to explore some part of the country. My husband wants that i fill my Deutschland's map with a black dots ;) means... he wants to show me what is his country has and for the last 4 years i think i've seen many, already ;) ok, i posted already about where i live here, Wolfenbüttel in my group in Salitype, maybe i will post another here about Wolfenbüttel later.

I want to share to you guys today about Schwerin. We went there last May of this year. They had what they called Bundesgartenschau 2009 in Schwerin of course. It's my first time to see so much beautiful flowers! and Schwerin's castle is simply breathtaking. Mecklenburg Vorpommern, (in short Meck-Pom) is the state, and Schwerin is the capital city.

It was my husband's surprise for me on Mother's Day ;) he didn't tell me about this normally we talk about where we are going or what to see when we travel, but that day he kept his secret with a smile ;) and he told me to wear my dress with flower designs because he said it will fit on the place where we're going.

"Guten Tag!" Willkommen in Meck-Pom :)

Good day! Welcome to Meck-Pom

spring is almost finish and der Raps (Canola flowers) are everywhere

perfect weather for a road trip ;)

Meck-pom is famous for it's beautiful alleys

in front of Schwerin's castle

at my back is the Schweriner Schloß (castle)

a pose in a modern art of "future garden" ;)

to be continued...


  1. Your first picture looks very similar to a paddyfield, at least for the first glance, and make me wonder why.. lol. Luckily it is not otherwise I must not have the answer.

  2. oh Car, ma-iyak naman ako sa mga pics mo, ang gaganda Car, love them!!!!

  3. beautiful fields and lovely tulips